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Welcome to the Whitestone Devon website funded by Whitestone Parish Council for the benefit of all. This website is intended to give an insight into day-to-day Whitestone, a little of its history up to the present day and some of the other interests and businesses that are to be found here.


Walk-in Covid testing site


Well we did it!

Coast to coast in 7 days, what an adventure. We slept in a wide variety of places, a tent, a barn, a pub, a field and even a luxury horsebox! Ended up walking over 120 miles, with all our kit in rucksacks.

  As we all know, Devon is a beautiful place and the two moors way is a brilliant way to see it. People were very kind to us on the route, with refreshments and accommodation. Hopefully we can tell everyone about our walk at a future social club.

The fundraising has gone very well, with lots of generous donations from the village, Tabby has already exceeded her target of £500 to help St Catherine's church roof and Young Devon.

We have kept the Just giving page open in case anyone else wishes to support these worthy causes, go to the  just giving website and search for twomoorswaytabby. You can also donate at The Old Forge.

Thank you,
Nick and Tabby Thom

Click here for some stunning photographs


CDog Walkers poo bins

Dog walkers of Whitestone, the Parish Council needs your help. The dog poo bin at the centre of the village has caused much controversy recently and as a result you are all enjoying the game of ‘where’s the bin this week!’

Now it’s time to find it a permanent home and we’d like you to have your say. It has previously been sited in and around the bus stop, but is now next to the plough at the top of Hill Lane. As there is no pavement here, is this the safest place for it? So, here’s where you come in.

Please tell us where you think would be a great place for it. There is a need for this bin in this area to keep our village clean and although the Parish Council have extra dog poo bins on order for new locations around the village, this is the one we are looking for your input on.

Please send your thoughts to
Constructive comments only please.


Parish Council Objection   April 2021   (.PDF - 4 pages)

Objection to Redhills Planning Application (.pdf)

***URGENT*** Please read the response from Whitestone Parish Council to the planning application at Redhills Exwick under Exeter City Council 20/1380/OUT. We want to encourage all residents of Whitestone to write in with their objections before the expiry of the public consultation which is soon.
What can you do?
If you feel you want to make comment, regardless of your viewpoint you can do this is a number of ways.
If you have already commented, you may want to add an addendum following the additional submissions.

1. On the Exeter Planning Portal to find out more and also make comment:
Google: Exeter City planning > Find Planning Application> Scroll down to ‘Start’>insert 20/1380/OUT into keyword frame & click Search .This will bring up basic details. At the top are Comments – Documents etc. Click Comments to register (name, address, and email) and then you can write your comments. Click Documents to find the huge amount of Planning documents including Visual Plans.... OR

2. Write an email to the Planning Officer: You may need to include your name/address etc, but personal details will be removed when entered onto the Planning site. Remember the Planning ref. No 20/1380/OUT .... OR

3. Write a letter to Planning Services:
Planning Services, Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter EX1 1JN
Please include the Planning Reference No. 20/1380/OUT

Cllr Tanya Miles.


2021 Teignbridge Recycling Calendar

The 2021 calendar dates for Teignbridge waste and recycling can be downloaded from:
Clink here: 2021 Recycling Calendar.

You'll have to enter your postcode to get your customised calendar.


New Trailer Drop Off Times for Whitestone
Tuesdays 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Saturdays 12.15am - 12.45pm


If you have a new neighbour, please contact Pam Lee on 01392 811579 or email: to let her know where they live so that a "Welcome pack" can be delivered personally to their new home.
Pam has been a resident in the Parish for many years and will probably be able to answer most queries they may have.


Outdoor Defibrillator at Hall

Whitestone Parish Council provide a portable adult defibrillator stored in an outdoor cabinet situated at the entrance to the Parish Hall. This means that the defibrillator (AED) is now accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the event of witnessing someone having a sudden cardiac arrest or suspected cardiac arrest, phone 999 immediately and request an ambulance. Seconds count - phone 999 FIRST.

Start chest compressions as directed by the Ambulance Service.

If another person is available, they may be able to collect the defibrillator (AED) from outside the Whitestone Parish Hall. They must tell the person on the other end of the 999 phone that there is a nearby defibrillator in Cabinet No: DC0620 at postcode: EX4 2JS. (These details are repeated on the outside of the cabinet). They will then be given the code to unlock the cabinet. No training is necessary to operate the defibrillator as it is fully automatic and 'speaks' to you with all the actions necessary.