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Welcome to the Whitestone Devon website funded by Whitestone Parish Council for the benefit of all. This website is intended to give an insight into day-to-day Whitestone, a little of its history up to the present day and some of the other interests and businesses that are to be found here.


The Government requires at least 751 new houses a year to be built in Teignbridge.
The council is now consulting on potential sites for the new housing and it's vitally important local residents have their say too, says local councillor Alan Connett.
You can see the full details online at
Copies are also available at local libraries and at Teignbridge's offices at Forde House in Newton Abbot. It may also be possible to make arrangements through our local parish councils to view the copies they have by contacting the Clerk to the Parish Council.
The consultation runs until 12 noon on Monday 9 August, so please be sure to have your say before then.
In summary, the Government has a formula which determines how many houses each council area must have, and the council is required to identify enough land to meet the 'housing need'.
This is known as the Local Plan and for Teignbridge, it is looking at site options up to the year 2040. At this stage no decisions have been made on which sites will finally be earmarked for housing or other development, such as for jobs, for example.
In the main, the proposed sites will have been put forward by landowners for consideration to be included in a future Local Plan for development, added Alan.
Potential development sites are identified at nearly all local villages including the parishes of Starcross, Kenton, Exminster, Kennford, Whitestone, Ide and Shillingford St George.
I am sure there will be a lot of comments on social media, like Facebook, but I can't state enough just how important it is to make sure you put in your comments to the Council.
You might think Teignbridge should simply say it will have no truck with the Government's housing figures. There are some real 'perils' in taking that approach.
Firstly, if not enough land is identified for housing, then developers could put in planning applications for any sites that might suit them - and they could win permission on Appeal to the Government's independent Planning Inspectorate.
Secondly, the Government could simply give the job of making the Local Plan to another council, or to its own appointed inspectors.
Painful as it is, I think it's better that local people are involved in deciding where any new housing or jobs might be placed. We've already got enough Government interference as it is, in my view, said Alan.
In summary, please look at the potential sites now being consulted on. Again, the website link is and get your comments in by 12 noon on 9th August.


Parish Council Objection   April 2021   (.PDF - 4 pages)

Landfill Report from Consultant (.pdf)

***URGENT*** Please read the response from Whitestone Parish Council to the planning application at Redhills Exwick under Exeter City Council 20/1380/OUT. We want to encourage all residents of Whitestone to write in with their objections before the expiry of the public consultation which is soon.
What can you do?
If you feel you want to make comment, regardless of your viewpoint you can do this is a number of ways.
If you have already commented, you may want to add an addendum following the additional submissions.

1. On the Exeter Planning Portal to find out more and also make comment:
Google: Exeter City planning > Find Planning Application> Scroll down to ‘Start’>insert 20/1380/OUT into keyword frame & click Search .This will bring up basic details. At the top are Comments – Documents etc. Click Comments to register (name, address, and email) and then you can write your comments. Click Documents to find the huge amount of Planning documents including Visual Plans.... OR

2. Write an email to the Planning Officer: You may need to include your name/address etc, but personal details will be removed when entered onto the Planning site. Remember the Planning ref. No 20/1380/OUT .... OR

3. Write a letter to Planning Services:
Planning Services, Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter EX1 1JN
Please include the Planning Reference No. 20/1380/OUT

Cllr Tanya Miles.


2021 Teignbridge Recycling Calendar

The 2021 calendar dates for Teignbridge waste and recycling can be downloaded from:
Clink here: 2021 Recycling Calendar.

You'll have to enter your postcode to get your customised calendar.


Well done Whitestone and all supporters we did it! The planning appeal for Devon View has been successfully dismissed, a very thorough and comprehensive report which concluded that the proposal would harm the character and appearance of the area and be located where there would be a dependence on the private vehicle to access the site such that this would conflict with the locational approach to development as set out in the development plan and the framework.

It goes to show that if we support each other, they have to take notice. A great result for all those who fought long and hard it was worth it.

Let’s see if we can get DCC to open their eyes and realise they have made an awful mistake by considering the proposal to allow an unsightly landfill dump on the southerly facing slope at Lower Hare Farm. Fight on Whitestone, we now have renewed hope that there is common sense in the planning system after all.

Take care all and let’s stick together!



Just a note to say, “Thank you very much”. First of all, to the children who so kindly thought of the special idea to paint a pebble for the NHS at the start of the first lockdown in March and place it around the Whitestone sign and then to thank all the other children and adults who took the time to paint so many lovely pebbles to surround the sign. So very kind and meaningful.
THANK YOU, Maria Joll

Skaigh valley Skaigh valley


New Trailer Drop Off Times for Whitestone
Tuesdays 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Saturdays 12.15am - 12.45pm


Landfill Report from Consultant (.pdf) March 2020

Landfill Report from Consultant (.pdf)

Landfill Review from Consultant (.pdf) October 2020

Landfill Review from Consultant (.pdf)


Every five years, Teignbridge review their rules for dealing with planning applications.
Whitestone Parish Council has critically examined this review document and their reply to Teignbridge can be read by clicking the arrow.

12 pages
(*** PDF document ***)

WPC reply
(12 pages)


A group of residents feel that we need to be aware that there will be people self-isolating in Whitestone who may need support at this difficult time.

Please consider your neighbours and, if they need help, the people listed below will be willing to receive calls and hopefully contact young fit parishioners who can fetch shopping, medication or other tasks if you cannot.

Please be aware of the government guidelines concerning washing hands, wiping shopping and keeping your distance. Coins and bank notes might also carry the virus.
Remember the Tedburn Stores have a mobile shop which calls in at Whitestone on Saturdays at 10.30 am in Crossways and 10.50 am in the centre of the village.
Contact the Tedburn Stores on 01647 61320 or

Helping Group
Maria Joll (Tea Party Group) 01392 811501
Kay Norrington (Church Warden) 01392 811428
Liz Watkins (Village Voices) 01392 811285
Tracey Baird (The Royal Oak 01392 272 352
Martin Fairley (Parish Pals) 01392 811977
Tom and Rebecca Oliver (Trillow) 01392 811313
Mary Belt (Parish Councillor) 01392 811374
Angela Paddy (Good Companions
at Pathfinder Village) 01647 61934


If you have a new neighbour, please contact Pam Lee on 01392 811579 or email: to let her know where they live so that a "Welcome pack" can be delivered personally to their new home.
Pam has been a resident in the Parish for many years and will probably be able to answer most queries they may have.


Outdoor Defibrillator at Hall

Whitestone Parish Council provide a portable adult defibrillator stored in an outdoor cabinet situated at the entrance to the Parish Hall. This means that the defibrillator (AED) is now accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the event of witnessing someone having a sudden cardiac arrest or suspected cardiac arrest, phone 999 immediately and request an ambulance. Seconds count - phone 999 FIRST.

Start chest compressions as directed by the Ambulance Service.

If another person is available, they may be able to collect the defibrillator (AED) from outside the Whitestone Parish Hall. They must tell the person on the other end of the 999 phone that there is a nearby defibrillator in Cabinet No: DC0620 at postcode: EX4 2JS. (These details are repeated on the outside of the cabinet). They will then be given the code to unlock the cabinet. No training is necessary to operate the defibrillator as it is fully automatic and 'speaks' to you with all the actions necessary.