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Smoothing the path to a clearer future at St Catherine’s

St Catherine’s Church has seen relatively few changes in its c750 year history. Apart from the removal of the outside staircase and the Minstrel’s gallery in the 18th century and the installation of paving in 1811, the only other significant changes have been the addition of heat and light in the 20th Century; which explains the building’s status as a grade 1 listed building.

Grade 1 classification limits and in many cases prevents changes to a listed property or it’s surrounds but nevertheless several changes are afoot at St Catherine’s.

The first of these is the installation of an advanced sound enhancement system that will hugely benefit anyone with impaired hearing. This digital audio system is now fully functional but has been so discreetly installed that it is barely noticeable although the improvement in clarity of sound is simply amazing!

Other planned changes include the installation of level access to the main gate in Church Lane and the provision of a smooth surface to the currently gravelled path leading to the main door. This will significantly improve wheel chair and disabled access whilst at the same time removing the danger of the sloping steps. These plans have required the approval and support of a number of outside bodies even before a Planning Application is submitted and as these consultations have now been successfully concluded we are almost ready to submit a planning application to Teignbridge and the Diocese. Exciting!

All being well work should start in the Spring but that is not all; as, in addition to the above, we are planning to install an eco compost toilet in the extension churchyard where it will be conveniently located for the majority of visitors and congregation who arrive by car. Deciding a location that didn’t require costly and difficult fabric alteration to the Church or a change in the appearance of the Church’s immediate surroundings whilst also satisfying the demands of the consultee bodies, was not easy but the chosen location represents a satisfactory and cost effective solution to the problem.

At this stage the cost of these planned changes has not been finalised but a fund raising committee has been set up to oversee the anticipated need for additional funding. In the meantime, anyone wishing to help financially or who might consider joining the St Catherine’s Planned Giving scheme (whereby a set amount is donated on a regular basis), is invited to contact the Church Treasurer, Philip Nierop on 01647 61419.

If you are new to the village or simply haven’t visited St. Catherine’s recently please do pop up and take a look. The newly lime washed church has never looked more stunning and two cobbled paths leading from the main entrance and the tower have been recovered from under a substantial build up of leaves and soil. The larger path features a white stone centre line which English Heritage and the Diocesan Architectural advisor proclaim is the finest example of a cobbled church path in Devon! Neither will be affected by our plans. We are proud of our Church, your Church and would like to share it with you.

Better still, join us for one of the regular services held each Sunday* or come to the special service of Remembrance on the 11th November, when all of course are most welcome.

If you have any queries or questions about the planned improvements please feel free to contact Dr Jane Richards, Churchwarden on 811492.

*Details on Church/Services page

Philip Nierop
Planned Giving Officer on behalf of St Catherine’s PCC.


At the Annual Church Meeting held on Thursday August 25th 2020,
the following were elected as members of the PCC for the year 2020 to 2021

IncumbentRev Martin Wood
Churchwardens Jane Richards
Kay Norrington
Deanery Synod Representatives Jane Richards
Kay Norrington
Vice Chairman and Secretary Martin Fairley
In charge of Rotas for Sidesmen, Readers, etc.Mary Eyre
Treasurer (until January 2021)Philip Nierop
Independent ExaminerJohn Robinson
Electoral Roll OfficerMartin Fairley
Oldridge RepresentativesMuriel Cheriton
Richard Keith
Parish Hall Management CommitteeJane Richards
Health & Safety and Safeguarding OfficerJane Richards
Church House Education FoundationRebecca Oliver
Other MembersEileen Milverton
Mary Stanbury

If you have any matters you wish to discuss about the church, its services and activities, please contact any of the above.