Whitestone Entertainments

Whitestone Entertainments are a small group of residents
who aim to bring a wide range of quality entertainment
to the parish hall including drama, arts and music of
all kinds four or five times a year.

NEXT EVENT - 11th MAY 2024

Events to date:
22nd March 2018 The Budapest Café Orchestra
15th September 2018 Matt Harvey
20th October 2018 The Exmouth Shanty Men
9 March 2019 A Lesson In Murder (a Murder Mystery)
30 June 2019 The Cleverly Brothers
23 October 2019 The Budapest Café Orchestra.
9 November 2019 Amber Fire - A multi-piece Ceilidh band
25 October 2023 The Budapest Café Orchestra.

"On 25th October, the Budapest Café Orchestra performed to a
packed Parish Hall. Their performance was brilliant and
entertaining and it was great to see so many people having
such a great evening.
Thanks to Sue, Guy and Tim for accommodating and feeding the group.
We were able to donate £200 to the Church Roof Fund."

Pam Lee  Dave Lee
Marian Durrant  Edith Nield
Peter Hanson  John Robinson
Jock Kirkpatrick