Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council


Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 14th April 2011

Attendance: Chairman – Councillor Mrs M Belt 
Councillors P Hanson, R Phillips, A Reed, Mrs B Netherway, Mrs T Taylor
County Councillor J Brook (for part of the meeting)_ 
District Councillor P Bromell 
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mr M Quinn, Mr P Nierop, Mr and Mrs Trowbridge, Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Landers.
Apologies: Councillor R Phillips 

The April Draw for the 100 Club in support of the Parish Hall Appeal was carried out by Mrs Trowbridge and the winning number was 76 and belongs to Mrs Cecilia Browning.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman and she opened the meeting for public participation

Mrs Smith spoke on behalf of residents from Nadderwater with complaints regarding the damage to roads and hedges caused by the large lorries which are being used for landfill purposes at Top Steps, which have been numbering 20 to 30 a day. Discussion took place and other points were raised regarding the mud which was being left on the road as there was no wheel wash at Top Steps. It was also noted that damage had been caused to drains in the area of Nadderwater which is going to incur a large repair bill for residents. It was requested that the Parish Council ask that a weight and width restriction be placed on the road from Redhills through Nadderbottom leading to Whitestone Church and also a weight restriction be placed on the road from Redhills to Tedburn as it was felt that these roads were not adequate for such large vehicles. Further complaints were noted that because of the narrowness of the road to Whitestone Church difficulty with vehicles is leading to the banks being eroded as they have to pull in to negotiate passing. It was agreed that these complaints and requests could be relayed to the Highways Department

It was brought to the attention of the meeting that a Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence is being applied for in respect of Cross Park Farm, Heath Cross and concerns were expressed regarding this. District Councillor Bromell said that he had received complaints regarding this issue and a letter from the Senior Planning Enforcement Officer for Teignbridge District Council was read to the meeting which indicated that following recent complaints to him he had visited the site. The Officer has been informed that the proposed use of the land is to be a base for keeping super cranes and as such he indicated that this would not require planning permission. The only issue would be whether there are any weight restrictions on the roads which would be a matter for Devon County Council. District Councillor Bromell also said that he had sent representation to the Traffic Commissioner regarding the application.

It was suggested that the situation should be monitored to see if it is used as a haulage distribution centre. It was noted that there are containers on site and this should also be monitored.

Mr and Mrs Trowbridge, Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs Lander then left the meeting and the Chairman proceeded to the business on the Agenda.

Minutes of Council meetings held on 10th March 2011 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy.

Planning Applications
11/00872/FUL Alterations and extensions to existing dwelling at Heath House, Whitestone. The plans and application was discussed and objections were raised as it was felt that this was over development and out of character with the area which is predominately bungalows.
11/01112/LBC Replacement of render on south elevation and replacement of timber lintels at Deerslake, Halsfordwood Lane. The plans and application was discussed and was supported with no objections.
Application Granted
10/04011/COU Revised plans for change of use of existing store into a dwelling including parking and use of land as domestic curtilage at The Old Forge, Whitestone

County Councillor Brook requested that he gave his report at this juncture as he had to go to another meeting. He reported that Devon Highways was undergoing re-organisation and the Council would be notified of staff changes in due course. The County has been given more than £9 million from the Government to repair roads damaged by the wintry weather and it was thought that this would be used for permanent repairs rather than simply filling potholes and decisions will be made by the Highways as to the routes in most need of attention. There is an ongoing consultation in process regarding static libraries and parishioners are advised to have their say regarding the issues involved. Councillor Brook then left the meeting.

Rural Skip Service
Teignbridge District Council have arranged for this to take place on 14th May at Hill Lane Junction and notices to this effect have been placed on notice boards.
Report on ROSPA Inspection of Crossway Park. 
This had been completed on the 22nd March with Councillors Belt and Taylor in attendance. Copies of the inspection report were circulated to the Councillors and noted to be satisfactory apart from some of the trim trail equipment which was in need of removal. Mr Taylor had volunteered to complete this task and it was resolved that he should be recompensed the amount of £15 for the petrol he had used and thanks were expressed to him for his help in this matter. The account in the amount of £142.80 from ROSPA for the inspection was resolved for payment. All in favour.
Newton St Cyres Parish Council 
A report has been received from this Council regarding the sighting of wild boar in their Parish.
St Catherine’s Church PCC 
A request has been received for a Grant to help with the costs that are being incurred with the Church’s request for a variation of condition on planning application to permit increased burial area at the churchyard opposite the church. After discussion it was resolved that a grant of £100 be made. All in favour.
Parish Hall 
Solar Panel Proposal – advice has been received from the DALC regarding the possibility of taking out a Public Works Loan and the Council has been advised that the Council are not able to take out a loan in order to make a loan to the Parish Hall as had been suggested in the proposal as that is not a capital purpose. They could take out a loan in order to make a grant. This advice will be passed to the Management Committee for their information. Councillor Hanson proposed that the Council could apply for the loan to be used for the solar panels and that the monthly payment which the Council at present make to the Hall Committee could be stopped until the panels are paid for. This proposal was seconded and the information will be passed to the Hall Management for their comments. The Chairman suggested that this could be discussed again at the June meeting of the new Council.
A request has been received from the Hall Committee of Management for the relocation of the Public Footpath sign at entrance to the Hall because it is partly obstructing the newly fixed Parish Hall sign. The Clerk was instructed to report this issue to the Public Rights of Way as this is within their jurisdiction and request permission.
School Houses 
The Chairman reported that negotiations were taking place with the tenants regarding the work needing to be done for the damp issues.
The account for the painting of the houses was discussed and it was resolved that the hire of the scaffolding £174 should be paid together with £1000 towards the outstanding amount.
Annual Parish Meeting 
The Clerk reported that this will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 28th April 2011

Various items were reported including a leak in the garage roofs at the Parish Hall car park and the Clerk was instructed to contact Mr Jordan to ask him to look at this.
The Chairman reported on attending 
• Teignbridge Association of Local Council meeting at the end of March
• A Meeting on Parish Clusters accompanied by Councillors Taylor and Reed
• Neighbourhood Watch meeting accompanied by Councillor Reed.

The accounts/balance sheet for the year ended 31st March 2011 were circulated and after discussion were proposed and seconded for approval by the Council with a vote of thanks to the Clerk for their preparation. All in favour. The balance sheet showed a balance at the year end as follows:-
Current Account £200.00 
Business Reserve Account £5,365.81 
Business Reserve Account £3,393.98 
*£8,959.79 *This balance includes £237.10 P3 Grant money
The Clerk reported receipt of notification that the Whitestone Parish Council Annual Audit will be completed by the Audit Commission on the 30th June 2011. Notices advertising the Audit together with the balance sheet for the year ended 31st March 2011 will be displayed within the Parish. The Annual Return was presented to the meeting and it was resolved that this was approved for presentation to the Audit Commission and the Return was duly signed. The Clerk reported that Mr Ken Abrahams will be visiting her on the 1st June to conduct the Internal Audit.

Clerk’s honorarium
It was proposed and seconded that this be increased by £14 per annum and that this be implemented as from 1st April 2011

Expenditure The following accounts were proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour. 
Clerk’s expenses - £70.97
Parish Hall Management Committee (April payment) - £125 
Membership Renewal for Devon Playing Fields Association - £35
Membership Renewal for Devon Association of Local Councils - £149.87

Devon County Council Highway Engineer wrote to give special thanks to Councillor Mrs Taylor for her efforts in surveying the bins within the Parish and for the spread sheet which was provided. The schedule has been passed to SW Highways and require them to fill the bins as necessary and where bins do not have a numbered label this will be replaced.

Teignbridge District Council have notified of the election of ten Parish Councillors and the notice of poll for the election of a District Council on the 5th May. Workshops will be held on 11th and 12th May for elected councillors with sessions on the Code of Conduct and Planning issues.

The Clerk reported a letter from three parishioners requesting detailed information regarding the income/expenditure of School Houses to be debated by the Council together with the benefit of selling one or both properties in order to finance improvements to the Parish Hall. It was requested that this item be placed on the agenda for discussion at the meeting on 12th May or 9th June and the Clerk requested that she be permitted to do this at the June meeting as the May meeting will be the first meeting of the new Council.

Complaints have been made regarding parking at Merrymeet cul de sac and in the turning area there which is impeding service vehicles.
Parishioners at Nadderwater were wondering if there could be a sign sited there as at the outskirts of Whitestone.

Before closing the meeting the Chairman thanked Councillor Mrs Taylor and Councillor Hanson for their service on the Parish Council as they are now finishing their terms of office. She felt they have given very great help over the years and have been very good colleagues.

Mr Nierop requested that Highways should reinstate the Heath Lane sign which is still broken.

The meeting closed at 10.17pm.