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Whitestone Parish Council


Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 14th July 2011
(to be ratified at the Council meeting on Thursday 8th September 2011)

Attendance: Chairman – Councillor P Nierop
Councillors Mrs M Belt, Mrs P Fisher, S Heathcote, D Munro, Mrs B Netherway, R Phillips, A Skeet, M Quinn
County Councillor J Brook (for the beginning of the meeting) 
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mr C Hodge, Mr and Mrs Greenfield, Ms A Bird, Mr P Hanson
Apologies: Councillor A Reed, District Councillor P Bromell

The meeting was preceded by the July and August Draws for the 100 Club in support of the Parish Hall Development Fund and the number for July was 85 which has no entrant and for August was 30 and belongs to Barbara Bateman.

Mr Hodge raised issues regarding the financial situation regarding the proposed alterations at the Parish Hall and as these matters are dealt with by the Hall Management Committee the Chairman stated that this does not come within the remit of the Parish Council although they are being asked to give financial aid with grants towards the projects of the solar panels and the alterations.

Mr Hodge also raised an issue regarding the School Houses which the Chairman addressed and referred Mr Hodges to his responses made at the June meeting

The Chairman asked County Councillor Brook if he wished to give a report at this juncture. Councillor Brook said that having been approached by the Hall Management Committee for funding he was pleased to announce that there would be a grant of £3,000 from the Airport Fund for the Hall Development Fund. He also said that he was “keeping an eye” on Crosspark Farm following complaints of excessive noise from the lorries. 

Minutes of the Council Meetings held on 9th June 2011 and 23rd June 2011 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman.

Councillor Belt and Phillips declared an interest in the planning applications for Merry View and Councillor Quinn declared an interest in the planning application for the Parish Hall
Planning Applications
11/01207/FUL Replacement of existing open ended shed with slightly larger in same position at Merry View. 
The application and plans were examined and discussed and it was supported but with a proviso that the roofline be retained at current level and that there should be no exterior lighting.
The Clerk reported receiving notification of a second planning application for Merry View and as this will require comments within 21 days she requested that this should also be examined at this meeting as follows.
11/02132/FUL Demolition of existing boat store and rebuild with storage above at Merry View.
The application and plans were examined and discussed and it was supported but with a proviso that this could not be converted to living accommodation and that there should be no exterior lighting.
11/01794/FUL Installation of 16 solar panels to south elevation at Whitestone Parish Hall. The application and plans were examined and discussed and it was supported.
11/01960/TPO Felling of 11 trees at Whitestone Lodge. The application and plans were examined and discussed and it was requested that the number of trees being removed was reviewed as numbers 20, 22 and 26 were stated at 9 metres from the affected wall.
1/02218/AGR Hay/implement store at Oakfield, Heath Lane. The application and plans were examined and discussed and it was supported but with a proviso that there should be no exterior lighting.
Refusal of Planning Application 
10/03576/COU Springdale Farm, Bondhouse Lane.
Grant of Conditional Planning
11/01254/LBC Removal of brick chimney, replacing two steel windows with timber windows and internal alterations to ground floor at Deerslake, Halsfordwood Lane
11/00819/VAR Removal of condition on planning application 12631 to permit increased burial area at Church of St Catherine of Alexandria.

Garages - Roofing repairs - The Chairman reported that as agreed at the meeting on 23rd June Option One from Hewitt & Sons was accepted but they have agreed to substitute coniferous ply for OSB2 at no extra cost (£1,954.59 excluding VAT) 
Parish Hall – The Hall Management Committee have made an application to the Community Council for Devon for a grant from the County Council and the application needs to have clarification as to funding from other sources. Mr Hanson requests that the Parish Council state the amount they would be willing to contribute towards the Development Fund in order that he can include this in their application. The Parish Council at their meeting in December 2010 stated that they were willing to support the project and contribute according to their financial position and it is now being asked to put a figure on their donation. The Chairman asked that this decision be deferred until the financial section of the meeting in order that the Council can be updated on the current financial position.
On a related item the Clerk has received a letter from the Hall Management Committee regarding the request for the Council to make an application to the Public Works Loans Board for a loan for the solar panels installation stating that as they are having to obtain planning for this can a decision regarding this be made at a subsequent Council meeting when they are able to advice regarding planning consent.
Asset Maintenance Plan – proposal by Councillor Heathcote that the Council obtain some quotes for a condition survey with a 10 year maintenance plan for the assets owed by the Parish. If the survey were to go ahead it would provide the opportunity of budgeting for a planned preventative maintenance strategy over the 10 year period. Discussion followed and it was resolved that this should be carried forward. Councillor Phillips proposed that a small sub committee should be set up to regularly inspect and report on the condition of assets and it was resolved that Councillors Quinn, Netherway, Munro and Phillips would serve on this Committee.

The Chairman has obtained information regarding the setting up of a Parish Plan and this will be circulated for Councillors to digest as he feels that although it will not be run by the Parish Council an initial public meeting should be instigated by them.
He noted that some 30mph road signs have been renewed but Councillor Belt pointed out that the one by the old Forge has not been done
The Chairman noted that on inspection of the Cooksleys contract he had noted some inaccuracies and felt that the contract needed to be updated and will pass on his concerns to the Clerk who will arrange for this to be done.

Current Balance     Current A/c 200.00
                            Business A/c 1,758.00
                            Reserve A/c 3,394.40
Expenditure The following accounts were proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour.
Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee - July and August donations of £125
Clerk’s expenses and quarterly salary £244.92
Payment for binding Council minutes for archival purposes £62.00
Replacement gate handle at Crossway Park £5.82
Grass cutting and general cleaning to Crossway Park and surrounding areas and the bus stop area from 1st April to 30th June £384 + petrol £51.42. Grass cutting, hedge trimming and tidying Footpath 7 for same period £72. It was noted that Mr Joll had removed the ride on mower cutting deck, changed belts and sharpened blades etc. free of charge and a vote of thanks was given to him.
Councillor Quinn then updated the meeting regarding the Council budget and future financial implications which will include the need for the painting of walls at 1 and 2 School Houses following the recent work done there. It was agreed that if the Clerk was given the necessary specifications for the job she would approach firms regarding quotations.
The Chairman then asked that the Council consider the matter raised previously regarding a grant for the Parish Hall and opened the meeting to allow Mr Hanson to furnish some details regarding the financial situation regarding the Development Fund. It was then resolved that the sum of £1,000 could be contributed with the possibility of further donations at a later time according to the Council’s financial position.

Letter from Peter Hanson – “Although the majority of motorists obey the speed limit through our village there are a significant number who exceed it by an unacceptable margin and drive through at 40 or even 50mph. I write to ask if the Council would support the idea of a survey of vehicle speeds with a view to inviting the police along with a speed camera at times when the survey shows we have a particular problem. I would be happy to arrange to carry this out with help from other interested parishioners” The Council is asking any parishioners who would be interested in helping Mr Hanson to conduct the survey to contact him direct.
Response from DCC Area South Highway Management regarding bus stop at Heath Lane crossroad. Councillor Nierop to meet with an officer from Highway Management regarding this.
Devon Association of Local Councils – County Committee 2011-2015 (Teignbridge) Notification of election of following officers:- Dudley Swain (Dunchideock), Julie Smith (Islington), John Farrand Rogers (Moretonhampstead), Stephen Evans (Chudleigh
Teignbridge District Council - Survey of Litter and Dog Bin Locations. Agreed that all were in suitable positions.
Teignbridge District Council – New Draft Council Plan 2011-2015. Notice placed on noticeboard.
Stover Canal Society – Open Days 20th and 21st August
Teignbridge District Council – Review of polling district, polling places and polling stations. Notices placed on noticeboards.

The Clerk was instructed to report the following matters to the relevant authority:-
The subsidence on road at Nadderbottom has not been repaired
A barn at Williams Fields appears to be being used for non agricultural purposes
To query if planning permission is needed for a car port which has been built at Oak Cottage, Nadderwater
To query the chimney breast at The Forge as it appears to be larger in size than on the plans
Councillor Quinn reported that the Hall Management request that the Parish Council continue to organise the draw for the Hall Development Fund at their monthly meetings.

Mr Greenfield expressed interest in the information regarding the setting up of a Parish Plan and it was agreed that his name would be placed on the distribution list.

The meeting closed at 10.10pm