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Whitestone Parish Council


Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 13th September at 7.30pm

Attendance: Chairman - Councillor P Nierop
Councillors Mrs M Belt, Mrs P Fisher, Mrs B Netherway, A Reed, A Skeet, R Phillips, M Quinn
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs C Thomas and Mr D Lean (for part of the meeting), Mrs S Greenfield
Apologies: Councillor D Munro

The meeting was preceded by the September Draw for the 100 Club in support of the Parish Hall Development Fund. The lucky number was 72 belonging to Sue Harding.

Mr Lean and Mrs Thomas said that they were in attendance in view of their concerns regarding speeding through the village. The Chairman stated that he was able to give some information regarding this in view of ongoing negotiations which had been instigated with Devon County Highways. It has been agreed that two data recorders will be erected at suitable sites to run a seven day survey of traffic speed. This probably will not happen for about a month or two.

57. The Chairman opened the meeting and the Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 12th July and 27th July 2012 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman.

Refusal of Planning Permission
58.1 12/01736/FUL Two storey extension, conservatory and wall at The Old Forge

Refusal of Certificate of Lawful Use or Development
58.2 12/01834/CLDE Certificate of Lawfulness for non-compliance with agricultural tying condition at Eastern Plateau, Rowhorne Road.

Grant of Conditional Planning
58.3 12/01618/FUL Extension to existing patio at 11 Merrymeet.
58.4 12/01208/MAJ Installation of 3740 solar panels on timber framing including ancilliary cabins for switch gear and transformer/1178 subterranean grid connection cable on land adjacent to Little Beer Copse, Five Mile Hill.
58.5 12/01457/FUL Retention of timber shed at East Kent Farmhouse.
58.6 12/01781/FU Single storey rear extension at Way Farm, Longdown View.
58.7 12/02227/FUL Two storey extension at Woodlands, Halsfordwood Lane.
58.8 11/02174/COU Retention of change of use for siting of two mobile homes, one utility block and two touring caravans for use by gypsies and or travellers, handstanding and sealed septic tank (previous three year temporary permission 08/04153/FUL) at Hurston Bungalow, Tedburn Road.

Application Withdrawn
58.9 12/00396/FUL Agricultural dwelling and garage at Upper Kingswell Farm, Longdown.

Planning Applications
58.10 12/02754/FUL Replacement of existing outbuilding at Connetts, Halsfordwood Lane. The Council examined the application and plans and there were no objections.

Councillor Reed declared an interest in the following application.
58.11 12/0274/FUL & 12/02748/LBC Conversion of existing link structure into ancilliary guest studio including raising of roof height at West Town Farm, Tedburn Road. The Council examined the application and plans and there were no objections although a minority of Councillors raised concerns regarding over development.

59.1 Completion of Annual Audit
The Clerk reported on the successful conclusion of the Annual Audit by the Audit Commission for the year ended 31st March 2012 with no matters giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met. Notices to this effect have been posted on notice boards within the Parish. The account for £342 was submitted for approval in the expenditure section of the agenda. A vote of thanks was passed to the Clerk for her work in regard to this.

59.2 Whitton & Laing 10 Year Asset Maintenance Plan
Copies of this plan had been distributed to Councillors prior to the meeting and discussion ensued on various items within the documentation. It was agreed that the Asset Group will meet to determine further action on the items raised. The Clerk was instructed to request that Devon Lettings deal with some minor matters which were raised.

59.3 Whitestone Parish Hall Committee of Management
A request for the promised donation of £1,150 towards the cost of the building and fitting out of the new kitchen at the Parish Hall was proposed and seconded for payment. A further request for the sum of £1,344 in respect of re-felting of the extension roof was fully discussed and although the cheque was authorised for signature the Clerk was instructed to ask for a copy of the receipted invoice to be produced before this was issued. The Council felt that as they are accountable through an annual audit for public money they should have some proof (by way of an invoice) on how the money was spent.

59.4 Devon Association of Local Councils
Notification of AGM to be held on 6th October - passed to Councillor Nierop for his attention.

59.5 School Houses
It was reported that the following repairs/work had been carried out at School Houses organised by the Letting Agency:- chimney sweep at No 1 £100.00, plumbing repair at No 1 £45.00 (£7.50 VAT), repair to guttering at rear of No 1 £51.60, Handrails to staircases at No 1 and 2 and replacement lock to front door of No 2 £324.20.

60.1 Councillor Nierop thanked those Councillors who had assisted him with the painting of the telephone box and hoped that parishioners would be pleased with the result.
60.2 He reminded the meeting that the Council's budget review would be placed on the agenda for the October meeting.

The following accounts were proposed and seconded for payment, All in favour.
61.1 Whitton & Laing £720.00 (£120.00 VAT)
61.2 Audit Commission £342.00 (£57.00 VAT)
61.3 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (September payment) £125.00
61.4 Clerk's expenses £58.81
61.5 Quickprint (photocopying including copies of Asset Maintenance Plan for all Councillors) £145.91 (£24.32 VAT)

62.1 A letter of complaint from Mrs Honeywill regarding parking issues at Merrymeet was discussed and the Clerk instructed to pass the information to Devon Lettings for their information as they arrange for workmen to attend at School Houses for repair works.

62.2 A letter of concern was received from Mr Brewer regarding Williams Fields as he wished it placed on record that the recently installed lean to extension is for the use of storage of crops of hay from the fields and the need has been confirmed by an agricultural consultant at Teignbridge District Council.

62.3 Teignbridge District Council sent advice on a boiler scrappage scheme and a poster has been displayed on the noticeboard.

Councillors gave the following reports on items raised by parishioners:-
. Signs missing/damaged at Pound Lane, Crossway and Hill Lane.
. Hedges now need to be cut.
. Mud on the road by Copperwalls Lodge.
. Councillor Nierop reported on items arising at the Teignbridge Association of Local Councils meeting

Mrs Greenfield gave the following update on the Parish Plan Steering Group:-
"We last met on 21st August and the main business of the meeting, after the usual administrative items, was finalising arrangements for our Open Parish Afternoon on Saturday 22nd September between 2pm and 6pm in the Whitestone Parish Hall. For those joining us there will be a free cream tea on offer as well as savoury snacks/nibbles.

The afternoon will take the form of a very informal drop-in for a chat, a bite to eat and a walk around displays, with an opportunity to make comments via 'post-it' notes in response to displayed materials and topics.

Members of the group will also be manning tables on six specific topics which have already emerged as key items of interest from our preliminary work. The table topics are environment, young people, village facilities, planning and development, transport and roads and a 'White Elephant Umbrella' table for a miscellany of other items.

We are also hoping to have a display of old Whitestone Parish photos to add to the interest for the afternoon.

The committee members are personally delivering an invitation to every household in the Parish around about 10th September and are hoping that the heady combination of a free cream tea, some lovely photographs and the chance for a chat about local topics of interest will attract a good crowd and some lively debates and ideas to include in our work. We really hope to see you all there at any time on the day."

The meeting closed at 9.15pm