Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council


Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 10th January 2013 at 7.30pm.

Attendance: Chairman - Councillor P Nierop

Councillors Mrs M Belt, Mrs P Fisher, S Heathcote, Mrs L Luxton, D Munro, R Phillips, M Quinn, A Skeet.

District Councillor P Bromell

Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council

Mrs N Phillips (for part of the meeting) Mrs B Netherway,

Mrs S Greenfield

Apologies: Councillor A Reed

The Council Meeting was preceded by the January Draw for the 100 Club in support of the Parish Hall Development Fund. The number drawn was 80 and belongs to Ruth Charles.


Mrs Greenfield reiterated her concerns regarding horse riding activities throughout the Parish as reported in the December minutes and said that it was the actual horse riding traffic which worried her as well as the road traffic occasioned by these actions.

1. The Chairman opened the meeting and the Minutes of Parish Council Meetings held on 13th December 2012 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman.

2. The Chairman welcomed Mrs Lyn Luxton to the meeting and it was resolved that she be co-opted as a Parish Councillor following her nomination at the December meeting and she duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


The Clerk reported on the Grant of Conditional Planning permission for application 12/03442/FUL - Erection of field shelter at Nadder Park, Nadderwater and the refusal of an application for prior notification of an agricultural storage building on land adjoining Little Beer Copse, Five Mile Hill.


District Councillor Bromell reported that a meeting has been arranged with the Police for Councillors within the District to discuss traffic issues and this will take place at Tedburn Village Hall on 23rd January and not 17th January as previously advised.


5.1 Feedback re request for noticeboard on Rowhorne Road

Cllr Belt felt that in view of lack of support from the Council for this proposal she did not wish to pursue this further.

5.2 Update on County and District Elector fund

Further investigations have been undertaken by Tedburn St Mary's Parish Clerk resulting in a proposition that it might be possible to purchase three items of play equipment for the parishes concerned and this is being pursued.

5.3 School Houses

It was reported by Devon Lettings that repair work to the night storage heater at No 2 had been organised at a cost of £48. Discussion took place concerning work at No 2 regarding the unblocking of the fireplaces (to allow a chimney sweep) and the building of a low brick wall and the Clerk said that she had not pursued any enquiries regarding estimates as she needed specifications regarding the work required.

Discussion followed and the Asset Group will look into these issues and give further information by 25th January. Cllr Phillips pointed out that following the resignation of Mrs Netherway the Asset Group were in need of another member and Cllr Luxton volunteered to join the Group.

5.4 Maintenance of playing field equipment

It has been ascertained that some of the play equipment is in need of repair and Cllr Nierop will prepare a invitation to tender.

The Clerk reported that Teignbridge District Council were not in a position to provide a "wheely bin" for use for rubbish in the playground area and it was resolved that one should be purchased by the Council to enable the easier collection of litter. Cllr Phillips volunteered to investigate this.

5.5 Grass cutting tender

After discussion it was resolved that tenders should be sought and that applicants should be asked to tender for a year's contract for 2013 and for a three year contract. It was noted that it had been necessary to have extra cuts during the winter months over the past season and this will be taken into account when preparing the new contract.

5.6 Budget and Precept for 2013/14

Balance sheets and documentation regarding finance having been circulated to members were scrutinized. The budget proposals as presented by Cllr Quinn were fully discussed and it was proposed and seconded that the proposed budget of £20,736 for 2013/14 be adopted and that the Precept should be reduced to £6,000. A vote of thanks was passed to Cllr Quinn.


The Chairman reported that despite efforts to arrange a meeting with the Police and County Highways with regard to the speed of traffic through the village this had not yet taken place but is being pursued.



The following accounts were proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour.

7.1 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (January payment) £125.00

7.2 Hire of room for Parish Plan meetings £15.00

7.3 Clerk's expenses and quarterly salary £264.78

7.4 Wreath for funeral of Mr and Mrs E Beeching £35.00

7.5 P3 expenses for Cllr Munro £4.66


Whitestone Parish Hall Committee of Management acknowledged receipt of the Rural Aid cheque and thanked the Council for its continued support.


Cllr Belt informed the Council that she had been approached by Teignbridge District Council to become a member of an older persons forum.

The following items were raised for the Clerk to report to the appropriate authority:-

- thick mud on Hill Lane,

- a landslip on Halsfordwood Lane (by "Connetts"),

- drains blocked at Hayne Barton.

Discussion took place regarding the clearing of drains by "lengthsmen" and District Councillor Bromell promised to provide contact details. He would also seek information regarding routine drain clearance schedules.

Cllr Munro said that there had been a bank slippage in Pound Lane near "Merrywood" and expressed thanks for the prompt repair that had been conducted.

The meeting closed at 9.07pm.