Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th January to be ratified on 12th February and subject to amendments.

Chairman − Councillor L Hickman

Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs P Fisher, P Nierop, R Phillips

Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council

Mrs B Netherway

Apologies: Cllrs D Munro, M Quinn, A Reed. District Councillor P Bromell.

The Chairman opened the meeting and the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th December 2014 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by Cllr Hickman.


It was reported that County Councillor J Brook had approached Devon Highways regarding gully cleaning within the parish and as a result Simon Pearson from Devon Highways has supplied a contact name for carrying out this work. Discussion followed regarding this issue and it was decided that further investigation will be implemented regarding the next steps to be taken including a review of the drain survey carried out last year.


Refusal of Planning Permission

14/02239/FUL Change of use and conversion of existing agricultural barn to a dwelling at Balls Oak, Tedburn St Mary.

Prior Approval Refusal of General Permitted Development

14/03291/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class MB (a) and (b) and paragraph N of the GPDO for change of use of a barn from agricultural use to a dwelling and building operations at Lower Hare Farm, Folly Lane.

14/03108/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class MB (a) and (b) and paragraph N of the GPDO for change of use of a barn from agricultural use to a dwelling and building operations at Lower Hare Farm, Folly Lane.

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

14/03193/FUL Creation of horse arena at Nadder Park, Nadderwater.


Asset Group Report

Chair of the Group, Cllr Reed, and Cllr Hickman met with the Director of Devon Lettings to discuss the outstanding issues regarding School Houses and as a result a plan has been put in place. Repair work had been organised by Devon Lettings and completed at the following costs:- West Coast Windows £186 includes £31 VAT) lock at No 1 window repair at No 2, ACS Electrical £801.12 (includes £133.52 VAT) heater in bathroom at No 1, towel rail radiator at No 2.

Zoll Defribrillater

As reported to the December meeting this has now been ordered and delivery has taken place c/o Mr Fisher. The invoices for the defribrillater and for the training sessions have now been received and sanction for payment is requested. The arrangements for the training sessions which Mr Fisher will be organising, as previously arranged, have been booked to be held on Wednesday 25th February from 19.00 to 22.00

Part Night Lighting at Crossway Park

A response has now been received from Devon County that instructions will be issued for the lights to be converted during January and they should not switch off before midnight. Any issues to be reported.

Storage facilities at Parish Hall

A letter has been received from the Hall Committee of Management indicating that they are no longer considering building a storage facility in the parking area adjoining the Hall. A suggestion has been put forward that the items stored by the Sports and Social Club should be transferred to the former mower shed which is no longer used for this purpose and this would free up space in one of the stores for the chairs which the Hall Committee wish to remove from the main hall. Apparently this situation would be agreeable to the Sports & Social Club Committee, some of whose members also serve on the Hall Committee of Management. A letter will be sent to the Sports and Social Club to confirm their acceptance of the use of the mower shed before proceeding further and additionally there will be communication with the Hall Committee outlining the Parish Council’s views. Following discussion regarding charging rental for these storage facilities it was resolved that this item be placed on the agenda for the February meeting as it was felt that some renumeration should be made for these facilities as the Council are responsible to the electors for the administration of finances which are underpinned by the Precept/Council Tax.


Owing to the short time between the December and January meeting the Cllr Hickman had no matters to raise.


Budget for 2015/16

An updated balance sheet following the December meeting had been circulated to members and following discussion it was resolved that the budget of £19,665 for 2015/16 be adopted and the Precept should remain as at £6,000.


School Houses rents for January £1,425 − Letting Agency fees £136.80 (including £22.80 VAT) = £1,288.20


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded. All in favour.

Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (January) £95.00

St John Ambulance minus; Zoll Defribrillator minus; £1,350.00 (includes £225.00 VAT)

St John Ambulance minus; Training Course minus; £606.00 (includes £101.00 VAT)

SNC (Southwest) Playground Specialists minus; £354.00 (includes £59 VAT)

Mr G Dicker (7 months grounds maintenance for Crossway Park, the Bus Stop area and Footpath No 7) - £743.75

Clerk‘s salary/expenses minus; £231.45

Whitestone Parish Hall Insurance minus; £1,108.07


Teignbridge District Council Plans for 2013-2033. Passed for distribution via “Round Robin”


Hedges needing cutting from Nadderwater to Whitestone Cross. Cllr Baird volunteered to visit the owners to discuss the position and report.

Water running from fields above Southlands. The Clerk was instructed to write to the owners pointing out the level of water running onto the recently laid tarmac and the resultant potential damage.

Flooding on the road from Heath Cross to Crediton (past Hangman‘s Corner minus; near Bridge Farm) to be reported and concerns regarding the resultant dangers in a dark lane.

The death of Linda Cox who had served as a Parish Councillor from September 2007 to December 2008 was reported and condolences were expressed to her husband Alan.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm