Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 14th May 2015 to be ratified on 11th June 2015.

Attendance: Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs L Fairley,
L Hickman, D Munro, R Phillips, A Reed.
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs B Netherway, Mrs S Greenfield
Apologies District Councillor P Bromell

There was no Public Participation.

Councillor Hickman, the retiring Chairman, declared the Annual General Meeting open and welcomed new Councillor Mrs Linda Fairley to the Council following the election on 7th May 2015. Councillors then signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office Forms.


The Retiring Chairman then sought nominations for the post of Chairman:-
Election of Chairman
Councillor L Hickman was proposed by Cllr Munro and seconded by Cllr Bramhall. All in favour.
Councillor Hickman was thereby elected and signed his declaration of office as Chairman and called for nominations for the following:-
Election of Vice Chairman
Councillor Reed was proposed by Cllr Bramhall and seconded by Cllr Baird. All in favour. Councillor Reed was thereby elected and signed his declaration of office of the role of Vice Chairman.
Footpath Warden
Councillor Munro was proposed by Cllr Hickman and seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour.
Church House Foundation Member
Councillor Belt was proposed by Cllr Baird and seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour
Crossway Park Officer
Councillor Bramhall was proposed by Cllr Reed and seconded by Cllr Hickman.
Parish Hall Committee
Proposed and seconded that Councillors Belt, Phillips, Fairley and Hickman be elected. All in favour.
Parish Hall Liaison Member
Councillor Belt was proposed by Cllr Baird and seconded by Cllr Phillips. All in favour.
Asset Group
Proposed and seconded that Councillors Reed, Phillips, Baird, Belt and Fairley be elected. All in favour.
Responsible Financial Officer
Mrs P Vaughan proposed by Cllr Belt and seconded by Cllr Phillips. All in favour.
Internal Independent Auditor
Mr K Abraham proposed by Cllr Belt seconded by Cllr Phillips. All in favour.

The Council then proceeded to the business of the Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9th April 2015 and the Annual Parish Meeting held on 23rd April 2015 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman with the addition to the Annual Parish Meeting Minutes of late reports from the Whitestone Handbell Ringers, Cuban Airwaves and the Table Tennis Club.


Apologies had been received from District Councillor Bromell who has been re-elected for Teignbridge North and owing to the numerous committee meetings was unable to attend tonight.


Planning Application
15/00994/FUL Replacement porch at Pound Hill, Halsfordwood Lane. The application and plans were examined by the Council and was supported with no objections.
15/01201/LBC Installation of biomass boiler in existing shed including new roof and wall at Glebe House. The application and plans were examined by the Council with no objections.

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission
14/00579/FUL Closure of existing access, change of use of agricultural land to domestic use including formation of new access and driveway and erection of double garage at Ham Farm, Tedburn Road
15/00250/FUL Change of use of barn to holiday accommodation and provision of a holiday lodge at Rowhorne Farm
15/00259/FUL First floor rear extension at Haccadown, Longdown
15/00475/FUL Single storey side/rear extension at 18 Merrymeet.
15/00650/VAR Removal of Condition 2 on planning permission 2003/2625/47/04 to permit non-ancillary occupation of the converted barn at Southway House, Tedburn Road.

Granting of Certificate of Lawful Use or Development at Rebecca Springs
15/00109/CLDE 1 Rebecca Springs. 15/00110/CLDE 2 Rebecca Springs, 15/00111/CLDE 3 Rebecca Springs, 15/00112/CLDE 4 Rebecca Springs, 15/00113/CLDE 5 Rebecca Springs, Nadderwater


Rural Aid Funding Application for Whitestone Parish Hall
As minuted in March the application form for a Rural Aid Grant of £1,000 towards repair work to the stage and hall floor and sanding and re-sealing the floor of the main hall and stage was duly signed by the Chairman.

Parish Defibrillator
It was reported that the second set of pads from St John Ambulance as authorised at the April meeting have now been delivered and the invoice was presented for payment by the Parish Council as agreed.

Crossway Park
Discussion took place regarding the possibility of new equipment for the Park and Cllr Hickman and Cllr Reed have been investigating this and will be reporting to a future meeting.

School Houses
Devon Sales and Lettings have submitted property inspection reports for both properties and it was noted that the tenant at No 2 has given notice and will be vacating in June. Discussion followed and it was agreed, with all in favour, that when the property is empty any necessary renovation work will be carried out to bring the property up to standard for re-letting. Cllr Hickman and Cllr Reed will be meeting with the Letting Agents with regard to this and the future tenants.


Cllr Hickman thanked the meeting for his election and spoke regarding his desire that the process of the Council should be a democratic one and for the benefit of the Parish as a whole, particularly with regard to budgetary matters.


Authorisation for continuation of Grants
It was proposed and seconded that the following grants be continued. All in favour.

• Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee - £97.50 per month.

• Parochial Church Council (for the Church Magazine for inclusion of Council Minutes) £165.

• Whitestone Gardening Club for tending the Community Garden adjoining Crossway Park - £125.

• School Houses rents for May £1,425 – Letting Agency fees £136.80 (including £22.80 VAT) = £1,288.20.
• Teignbridge District Council – half year Precept £3,000
• VAT 2014/15 Repayment £1,671.70

• Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (May) £97.50
• St John Ambulance £102.20 (includes £17.03 VAT)
• Clerk’s expenses £32.44
• Roc Assessments £130.00 (arranged and paid through Devon Sales & Lettings).
• Broker Network Ltd £1,023.90


Council Insurance Policy – Notification received from Came & Company regarding the renewal from the 1st June 2015. Three quotations were offered and it was recommended that the Council should renew with Hiscox. If the Council agree to an inflation adjusted 3 year binding agreement the annual premium can be reduced from £1,077.79 to £1,023.90. Discussion followed and it was resolved that the option of a long term agreement be accepted. All in favour.

Derek Fisher has forwarded information supplied from Devon & Cornwall Police regarding a ‘Farmwatch’ scheme in this area. Farming related groups interested in marking their farm equipment should contact Chudleigh Police Station via 101 or email at Teignbridge@devonandcornwall.pnn.police,uk.

Devon County Highways responded to complaints logged at the April meeting and said that centre lines are not required on roads which are less than 5.5m wide. The potholes reported have been sent to their contractors for attention.

Devon County Public Rights of Way – information regarding payment of Grants.

DALC Training for new Councillor – It was noted that there is a training day to be organised in Exeter on 15th September and Cllr Fairley indicated she would like to attend.



Mrs Greenfield gave the following report on the Parish Plan Steering Group:- “A full update was given to the Annual Parish Meeting. The working group has had the paper questionnaire and accompanying paperwork copied and we are delivering the questionnaires this week (week commencing 11th May). Please support this plan by taking the time to complete the questionnaire and encourage all members of your household to do so as we really do want to hear your views. We are looking forward to receiving lots of responses”.

Cllr Belt reminded the meeting of the Whitestone Annual Fete which will be held on Saturday 27th June and said offers of help and contributions would be greatly appreciated.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.