Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 10th December 2015 at 7.30pm to be ratified on 14th January 2016.

Attendance: Chairman ‐ Councillor L Hickman
Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs L Fairley, R Phillips, D Munro, A Reed.
County Councillor J Brook (left at 7.55pm after giving his report)
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs B Netherway, Mrs S Greenfield.

Apologies: District Councillor P Bromell.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 12th November 2015 having been circulated were taken as read were duly signed by the Chairman. Cllrs Baird and Belt indicated that Minute 85.6 should have read that all profits from the 2017 Summer Fete will be presented 50% to Force and 50% to the Whitestone Playground.


Councillor Brook gave a report on a meeting he had attended today indicating that he felt that Parish Councils would be asked to provide more of the services which had in the past been under the remit of Devon County Council. The Clerk raised an issue which had been brought to her attention by a parishioner regarding a large lorry which had come down the road from Whitestone Church towards Nadderwater using its Satnav. This had caused considerable trouble because it became stuck for some time and the lorry itself was badly damaged causing help having to be called from Newton Abbot to enable it to be extricated. The driver had asked why the road did not have road signs warning that it was not suitable for large vehicles and Councillor Brook was requested to make enquiries if it would be possible for this to be done.


Cllr Belt and Cllr Phillips declared an interest in the application 15/03028/FUL for Farm Barton

Cllr Belt declared an interest in the application 15/3277/AGR for Heath Cross Farm

Cllr Munro declared an interest in the application 15/02107/FUL for 18 Merrymeet..

Planning Applications

The following applications/plans were examined and discussion took place with the subsequent observations:-

15/03178/COU - Change of use for permanent siting of two mobile homes, one utility block and two touring caravans for use by gypsies and or travellers, hardstanding and sealed septic tank at Hurston Bungalow, Tedburn Road. Supported but request that there be no further expansion of the site.

15/03028/FUL - New barn to house feed, machinery and cattle at Farm Barton. Supported with no objections.

15/03277/AGR - Erection of barn for use as storage/workshop at Heath Cross Farm.

No objections but request that it is for their own use and objections to change of use.

15/03107/FUL ‐ Replacement garage at 18 Merrymeet. Supported with no objections

15/02860/FUL / 15/02861/LBC ‐ Rear extension incorporating both two storey and single storey at Lower Hare Farm, Folley Lane. Supported with no objections.

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

15/02727/VAR Variation of conditions 2 & 5 to planning permission 14/03718/FUL to change balcony and fenestration details and approve external materials at Alphin Springs.

15/02448/FUL First floor extension over existing single storey section at Grasmere, Rowhorne Road

15/02907/FUL Remove conservatory and construction of single storey extension with balcony over at Gratton House.

Grant of Request for Prior Approval

Application for prior approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of barn from agricultural use to a dwelling on land west of Hindcross.

Devon County Matter Planning Application

Variation to current land restoration scheme. Engineering works to construct pond in adjacent meadow at Springdale Farm, Lane to Springdale Farm, Longdown. This had been discussed at the November meeting and the Clerk circulated a report on a response from Teignbridge District Council which had been sent to Devon County regarding this application.


Asset Report

Cllr Reed supplied an asset report as follows:-


Cllr Hickman reported on attendance at the November meeting of the Teignbridge Association of Local Councils and the Clerk distributed a copy of the draft minutes.

Amongst issues that had been discussed was the new recycling regime that has been introduced by Teignbridge District Council. The Waste Project Officer was in attendance and listened to concerns raised by the meeting. Cllr Hickman also reported that the Leader of Devon County Council made it clear that devolution to Parish and Town Councils to accept increasing responsibility for undertaking local tasks would continue in the absence of action being taken by Devon County or Teignbridge District Councils, e.g. cleaning drains and gullies, grass cutting away from areas where visibility was not a road safety issue, and therefore most Parish and Town Councils had raised their local Precept in order to be able to respond. Briefing sheets are available from Devon County headed “Tough Choices Briefing” and offers updates of the current position. Devolution agenda ‐ all efforts are being made to resolve some of the financial pressure by joining with other areas to increase efficiency and purchasing power. The principle of an elected Mayor is being discussed and further work is required due to the complexity of the structures.

Cllr Hickman reported that he had written to Teignbridge Environmental Department regarding the motor bikes at Hales Farm stating the concerns which had been raised at the November meeting and had received a response that it had been noted.


Budget for 2016- 2017

Balance sheets and budget proposal had been distributed to Councillors at the November meeting and discussion took place regarding the figures and it was resolved that the budget of £18,190 for 2016/17 be adopted. It was proposed and seconded that the Precept should remain at £6,000. A second proposal was made that the Precept should be increased by 2% however there was no seconder. It was therefore resolved that the Precept should be set at £6,000.

Discussion followed regarding the allocation of monies as grants. It was agreed that at the end of the financial year a set amount should be set aside from the income raised from the rentals of School Houses to be available for any community parish organisation to apply for a grant. Due to the ongoing financial demands the Council believes it appropriate that a letter be sent to the Parish Hall Management Committee requesting specific information as to how their request for financial support amounting to £1,000 will be used as they feel that any generic request should contain specific information relating to the total cost of any project and what proportion of this will be borne by the Parish Council.


1 School Houses rent for December £675.00 - £64.80 (incl £10.80 VAT = £610.20.

2 School Houses rent for December £668.50 - £76.80 (incl £12.80 VAT) = £591.70.

Devon County Council Community Grant £1,000.00


Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (December) £97.50

Renewal of hosting/domain for Whitestone website £48.50

Society of Local Council Clerks Subscription £65.00

Clerk’s expenses £59.64

G Dicker £649.98

P Madge £240.00


The Clerk reported receiving information from St John Ambulance that the certificates issued to participants for training arranged last year regarding the defibrillator based at the Parish Hall would run out in February 2016.

The Clerk passed the survey forms from the Devon County Council Public Rights of Way to Cllr Munro for completion in his role at P3 Warden for Whitestone.

An invitation has been received from the Devon Heritage Centre for a representative to attend a Devon Remembers Heritage Project event taking place at Torquay Museum on Thursday 14th January 1916. Cllr Fairley volunteered to attend and information was passed to her.


It was noted that following complaints regarding mud on the road at Chapel Cottage it was noted that this is being hosed away. Cllr Belt again raised complaints regarding parking at Crossways and concerns about emergency vehicles accessing the area. Cllr Hickman said that he had seen correspondence from Teign Housing from when this matter had been previously raised with them which had stated that they would be looking into the matter.


Mrs Greenfield and Mrs Netherway again raised concerns regarding the potholes on the road opposite the entrance to Glebe Farm.

Mrs Greenfield gave the following update on the Parish Plan Steering Group:- “Hot off the press ‐ our provider has completed the analysis required of them and is passing the documentation back to the Steering Group in the New Year. We will commence the work we need to do to produce a draft Action Plan and draft Parish Plan. This will need to include manual analysis of the very many free text comments that parishioners have kindly fed back via the questionnaires as these do not lend themselves to automated statistical analysis.”

Mrs Greenfield then wished everyone a very Happy Christmas on behalf of the Parish Plan Steering Group

The meeting closed at 9.50pm