Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 9th June 2016 to be ratified on 14th July 2016.

Attendance: Chairman ‐ Councillor L Hickman
Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs L Fairley, A Reed.
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs S Greenfield, Mrs B Netherway
Apologies: Councillor R Phillips, District Councillor P Bromell.


The Chairman opened the meeting and the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and Parish Council Meeting held on 12th May 2016 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by Cllr Hickman.


District Councillor Bromell had sent his apologies and reported that owing to staff shortages at Teignbridge District Council no progress has been made in regard to litter problems which had been reported within the Parish following the “Litter Pick” which had been conducted in April.


Planning Applications

The following applications/plans were examined and discussion took place with the subsequent observations:‐

16/01370/FUL Erection of a triple garage with storage room above at Little Springs, Nadderwater. No objections but a request that sufficient space be allotted within the site to allow vehicles to turn in order to drive out and obviate the need for them to reverse onto the very busy public highway.

16/01549/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Schedule 2, Part 3 Class P of the GPDO for change of use of a storage or distribution building (Class B8) to a dwelling at Unit 5, Rebecca Springs. Not supported for a domestic dwelling as it was felt this would lead to encroaching development not conducive to an agricultural area.

Refusal of Request for Prior Approval

16/00834/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling at Springdale Farm, Longdown

16/00835/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling at Springdale Farm, Longdown

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

16/00595/FUL Raising of roof to form additional accommodation, extension to garage and new porch at Oak Lodge, 11 Merrymeet.

16/00873/FUL Extension to existing storage and equipment building at Derek Lane and Company, Tedburn Road.

16/00445/FUL Roof extension and rear dormer, new roof to existing conservatory, hallway extension and rear terrace area at Rose Marie.


Council Audit

The Clerk reported that owing to the illness of Mr Abrahams who usually conducts our internal audit it had been necessary to find a replacement in order to meet the deadline for the External Audit. This had been conducted by Mr Hinchcliffe who had been recommended by the Ottery St Mary Clerk through the auspices of the Society of Local Councils. Although Mr Hinchcliffe was now retired he had been a local government financial officer and worked for both Exeter City Council and Devon County Council. He had visited the Clerk, inspected the Council’s accounts and completed the necessary internal audit and documentation has now been sent to the external auditor.

Cllr Hickman reported that he had received a statement from Mr Hinchliffe which recommended that an assessment of risks for the Council should be completed and Cllr Hickman would be meeting with the Clerk to prepare documentation regarding this. It was also pointed out that Mr Hinchliffe felt that the salary for the Clerk should be reviewed in the light of the statutory minimum wage. Cllr Hickman proposed therefore that the Clerk’s salary should be raised to £1,248 per annum and it upon the proposition being placed before the meeting a vote was taken and it was resolved by Council that this action be implemented with immediate effect.

Road Maintenance

A report from Devon County Highways had been circulated to Councillors which had shown that inspections had been made at Oldridge, Hill Lane, Church Lane and Pound Lane and potholes had been issued for repair. It was also stated that both Hill Lane and Pound Lane have been promoted for resurfacing in the future.

Asset Report

School Houses

It was reported that discussions are still ongoing regarding the insulation of the houses. It was reported that a repair to the cooker at No 1 is necessary and Devon Sales & Lettings are dealing with this.

Crossway Park

Following reports at the May Council meeting regarding the state of repair of seats in the Community Garden area an inspection had been made and Cllr Hickman felt that in view of Health and Safety issues it was necessary to remove the two offending seats. He had approached Cllr Phillips regarding the purchase of replacement seats and these were obtained at a cost of £368,00 (which includes £61.33 VAT) and these have been delivered and installed by Cllr Hickman and Cllr Reed. It had been noted that brambles were growing at the rear of the garages and Mr Dicker who cuts the grass has been requested to cut these back and keep bushes under control. Cllr Bramhall noted that the catch on the bottom gate is faulty and that there is a gap under the gate which may allow dogs to enter the children’s play area ‐ this will be inspected and appropriate action taken.

Whitestone Parish Hall

The Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee had held their Annual General Meeting on 16th May and minutes are available to Councillors on application to the Clerk. The Parish Council were thanked for their help during the year and for the donation of the 50 new chairs which will be delivered shortly.

Commemorative Coin Queen’s 90th birthday

These have now been received and cost is £367.20 (includes £61.20 VAT). The coins were passed to Cllr Belt and it was noted that they will be distributed to children at the Whitestone Fete which is being held on Saturday 2nd July.

Confirmation of order for chairs

The order has been placed for 50 chairs for use at the Whitestone Parish Hall at a cost of £1,117.50 and these will be delivered shortly. Contact for delivery will be with Dr Jane Richards.

Thanks has been received from the Parochial Church Council for the donation of £175 made by the Council for inclusion of minutes in the Church Magazine.

Notification had been received for a grant of £300 from Cllr Bromell’s Councillors Fund and this will be put towards some new play equipment at Crossway Park.

Rural Skip

As instructed thanks were conveyed for the service and a response indicated that it seems there is a “political will to continue the service beyond March 2017 when the current contract expires”

Parish Council Grants

Concerns had been raised regarding a letter from the Whitestone Gardening Club which had gone astray and had not been reported to the Parish Council. This letter had indicated that the Gardening Club felt that extensive work needed to be completed to bring the Community Garden up to standard which will involve considerable expense. Cllr Hickman stated the Club has had a meeting and that he has now received a further report regarding the work considered necessary and would like to recommend that £250 be allocated to the Gardening Club for them to carry this work out. This to be a “one off” payment and any future monies to be regarded in the form of a grant.

The Clerk reported that she has obtained details from other Councils regarding the allocation of grants and will be discussing these with Cllr Hickman.




1 School Houses rent for June £675.00 ‐ £64.80 (includes £10.80 VAT) = £610.20.

2 School Houses rent for May/June £800.00 ‐ £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT) = £723.20.

Teignbridge District Council ‐ Councillor’s Fund Grant £300.


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour.

Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (June) £129.60

Clerk’s expenses £27.23

David Hinchliffe (Audit) £200

Edwin Tucker & Sons Ltd £368.00 (includes £61.33 VAT)

Tower Mint Ltd £367.20 (includes £61.20 VAT)



Mrs Greenfield gave the following update on the Parish Plan Steering Group “We continue to work on presentations for the coffee morning, draft action plan and full Parish Plan. The coffee morning will be held on Saturday 9th July from 10am to 1pm.”

The meeting closed at 9.35pm