Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 13th October 2016 at 7.30pm to be ratified on Thursday 10th November 2016

Chairman − Councillor L Hickman
Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs L Fairley, A Reed
District Councillor P Bromell (left at 8.55pm)
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs S Greenfield, Mrs B Netherway, Mrs S Baines (for her planning application)

Apologies: Councillor Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, D Munro, R Phillips


Mrs Greenfield gave the following report from the Parish Plan Committee:- “The Parish Plan Steering Group members continue to meet weekly and work on completing the final documentation”.

The Chairman opened the meeting and the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 8th September 2016 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by Cllr Hickman.


District Councillor Bromell expressed concerns regarding the draft recommendation on new electoral arrangements for Teignbridge District Council which indicated that Whitestone would be moved from the current district which included Tedburn St Mary and Holcombe Burnell and placed in a new district which included Dunchideock, Holcombe Burnell, Ide and Shillingford St George. Discussion took place and it was felt that this would be an adverse move and Whitestone should be looking west rather than east which will allow the continuation to focus on rural issues that include planning development and education with similar communities rather than the different issues surrounding the growth of urbanised development and the Exeter facing communities. The natural boundaries and topography do not support the suggestions in the recommendations and as a result the proposals are inconsistent with the localism agenda as well as not reflecting Whitestone’s local identity.


The following applications/plans were examined and discussion took place with the subsequent observations:-

Planning Applications

16/02315/FUL Retention of stable structure at Glebe Farm. Mrs Baines answered questions regarding the application and then left the meeting. The application was supported.

16/02420/FUL Loft conversion including alterations to roof, single storey front/side extension and replacement car port at Meadow Croft. The application was supported.

16/02297/FUL Extension and alterations to existing outbuilding to form dwelling at Woodstock, Tedburn Road. There were no objections.

The following decision for planning permission was reported:-

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

16/01203/FUL Rear extension incorporating both two storey and single storey at Lower Hare Farm, Folley Lane


School Houses

It was reported that the external wall insulation of the houses had now been satisfactorily completed by EOn with no problems and the fencing had been replaced. Thanks were expressed to Mr Rob Jones in the neighbouring property for his assistance in ensuring the work was completed satisfactorily.

It was reported that a repair organised by Devon Lettings in the kitchen of No 2 at a cost of £120.00 had been completed.

Crossway Park

The Play Inspection Annual Inspection Report has now been carried out. Cllr Hickman said that although it was noted that all equipment was assessed as Low Risk or Very Low Risk he wished the Report to be placed on the November agenda in order that an assessment be carried out regarding any works which need to be completed.

An invitation had been received from Teignbridge Environmental Health Department for the Whitestone children’s play area to sign up to a “smokefree” initiative which has been developed by Smokefree Southwest and they will order and supply signs. The Clerk had made enquiries regarding this and has been informed that the initiative is purely voluntary for both the Council and any smokers and there is no requirement for the Parish Council to enforce anything. It was agreed that the Council would request three signs for display purposes.

Parish Hall Management Committee

Following discussion of the request for grant for the Hearing Loop to be installed at the Parish Hall at the September meeting a further request has been received from the Hall Management Committee that the Parish Council reconsider its position in this matter and consider purchasing the amplifier at a cost of £962.31. In view of the present circumstances regarding the Council’s budget it was considered that this request should be postponed until the end of the financial year.

BT Telephone Boxes

The Clerk reported having made enquiries at Teignbridge District Council regarding the removal of the boxes at Nadderwater and Whitestone as the District Council had been instrumental in their retention when this question had arisen in 2009. She has been informed that there is a procedure in place at Teignbridge as they will be dealing with BT over the issue and she was instructed to pass on requests for the retention of the telephone system as at present.

Hales Farm Motorcycle Events

District Councillor Bromell reported having received further complaints regarding the noise issue at Hales Farm and it was again noted that Teignbridge Environmental Health Officer has informed us that there will be a Hearing of an Appeal at the Plymouth Magistrates Court at 10am on the 15th/16th November. The Hearing will be heard in an open Court and any members of the public may attend.


Referring to a local Speed Watch programme which is to be instigated within Tedburn, Whitestone and Nadderwater Cllr Hickman reported that following the recent appeal for volunteers six names have been received and these will be passed on to the appropriate authority.

Cllr Hickman reported that work had been completed by the Whitestone Gardening Club to improve the Community Garden which had included installing new soil and the planting of spring bulbs and plants. He wished to record thanks to all those involved in ensuring the Community Garden is an area for everyone to enjoy.

Together with Cllr Reed he had attended the Devon Association of Local Councils AGM held on Tuesday last and they reported on various items which had been raised.


Nat West Bank Statement as at 30th September 2016

Current A/c


Business Reserve A/c


Business Reserve A/c




2 School Houses rent for August/September £800.00 - £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT) = £723.20

1 School Houses rent for September £675.00 - £64.80 (includes £10.80 VAT) = £610.20

2 School Houses rent for September/October £800.00 - £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT) = £723.20

1 School Houses rent for October £675.00 - £64.80 (includes £10.80 VAT) = £610.20

Teignbridge District Council 2nd Half Year Precept £3,000.00


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour.

Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (October) £108.00

Clerk’s quarterly salary/expenses £291.45

British Legion Poppy Wreath £20.00

The Play Inspection Company £75.00 (includes £12.50 VAT)

Chappell Maintenance £10

John Bartle (repair at 2 School Houses − paid through Devon Lettings) £120.00


Road closures on Hill Lane will take place from Monday 24th October to Thursday 27th October for new customer connection

Road closures on road past Glebe Farm will take place from Monday 28th November to Friday 2nd December to provide new water supply.

Notification of Devon Highways Town & Parish Council Conference to take place on 23rd November. Cllrs Fairley and Reed elected to attend.


Cllr Baird reported the organisation of the Neighbourhood Watch Information evening which she has arranged at the Royal Oak, Nadderwater, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th October.

Cllr Baird reported that a donation of £273.23 had been sent to Force as a result of the Fete which had been organised by the Sports and Social Club in July

Cllr Fairley reported on an accumulation of black bags of rubbish at Huston Bungalow on the Tedburn Road and stated that a rat had been seen. She requested that it be reported to Teignbridge Environmental Health.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.