Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday, 9th March 2017 at 7.30pm to be ratified on 13th April 2017

Chairman ‐ Councillor L Hickman
Councillors Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs L Fairley, D Munro, R Phillips, A Reed
County Councillor J Brook (left at 8pm)
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mrs L Hickman (left at 8pm), Mr and Mrs Jordan (left at 8pm), Mrs B Netherway, Mrs S Greenfield, Mr K Lake, Mr P Nierop (left at 8.15pm)

Apologies: District Councillor P Bromell


Mrs Greenfield gave the following report from the Parish Plan Steering Committee:-

“We are about to go to the printers with the Parish Plan Summary and Action Plan, which will subsequently be delivered to every parish household. The full Parish Plan is taking slightly longer to finalise but is on trackWe are about to go to the printers with the Parish Plan Summary and Action Plan, which will subsequently be delivered to every parish household. The full Parish Plan is taking slightly longer to finalise but is on trackWe are about to go to the printers with the Parish Plan Summary and Action Plan, which will subsequently be delivered to every parish household. The full Parish Plan is taking slightly longer to finalise but is on track”

Mr Nierop reported that he had written to the Environmental Protection Manager at Teignbridge District Council regarding an event advertised to be taking place on Sunday 2nd April as together with other residents it was considered to be in violation of the prior notice of events of the Hales Farm Motorcross Notice Management Plan. Cllr Hickman asked if he would ensure a copy of Teignbridge reply could be sent to the Council to ensure appropriate support could be given in respect of any breach of the Noise Management Plan

Mr Nierop gave apologies for having to cancel the Litter Pick which had been due to take place on 4th March as Teignbridge District Council advised that anyone picking up on a stretch of road not covered by 30mph limits, therefore classified as a high speed road, is un-insured and does so at his/her own risk. As most of the roads covered fall within this category it was felt unwise to continue. Mr Nierop requested that the Parish Council investigate this and consider if the Council may be willing to take out insurance cover for any future litter picks. Cllr Hickman replied saying that he has already been investigating insurance cover in regard to residents taking part in a Road Watch speed scheme and would make enquiries regarding the litter pick.

The Chairman opened the meeting and reported that PC Jon Croft had been in attendance from 6pm to 7pm that evening to discuss any potential problems within the Parish and some of the Items discussed had proved very informative. Mr and Mrs Hickman, Mrs Belt, Mrs Fairley and Mrs Vaughan had been in attendance.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 16th February 2017 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by Cllr Hickman.


County Councillor Brook gave a very full report on the budget meeting for Devon County Council and warned that there are serious implications for cuts in services although there appeared to be provision for community care which it is envisaged would be necessary owing to the closure of some community hospitals. He then answered some questions from Councillors.

Apologies were received from District Councillor Peter Bromell although he had emailed his support for the planning application for Treelands.


Planning Applications

17/00378/MAJ Additional building to provide additional accommodation and facilities for residential care home at Treelands, Five Mile Hill. The meeting was opened to allow Mr Jordan to give explanations. When the meeting was re-commenced the application/plans were examined and discussion took place and the application was supported.

Cllr Brook, Mrs Hickman and Mr and Mrs Jordan left the meeting.

The following application/plans were examined and discussion took place with the following observations:-

17/00430/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling on building east of Ridgeway, Whitestone. Not supported. It was felt that the proposed building being in such a prominent position did not fit into the rural surroundings. There were also concerns regarding an increase in traffic and access to the site

Granting of Planning Applications

16/03302/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling on land west of Hindcross.

Refusal of Request for Prior Approval

16/03287/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of two agricultural buildings from agricultural use to two dwellings at Lower Hare Farm, Folley Lane.

Mr Nierop left the meeting.


Resignation of Ms Tracey Baird as Parish Councillor owing to work commitments and ill health. Cllr Hickman said that he had visited Ms Baird and she has indicated that she will continue with the Pals Group, the Knit and Natter Group and the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Cllr Belt volunteered to give feedback from the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme meetings and Cllr Fairley will provide feedback from the Pals Group. Cllr Bramhall wished to record on behalf of the Parish Council its sincere thanks to Cllr Baird for her contribution and enthusiasm to Parish issues. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Cllr Hickman reminded the meeting of the Dementia Awareness meeting to be held at the Parish Hall at 7.15pm on 29th March.

The Hearing Loop has now been installed in the Parish Hall and appreciation was expressed from the Hall Committee for the grant of £1,000 which had been given towards the installation. It is now requested that the necessary claim for the Rural Aid Grant of £1,250 from Teignbridge District Council was completed and this was duly signed by the Cllr Hickman.

Request for re-imbursement to Parish Hall Committee for insurance cover for Parish Hall. It was resolved that a cheque was raised for £1,064.99 to cover this expenditure which had been paid by the Hall Committee. In addition it was noted from the Hall Committee minutes, which had been circulated to Councillors, that they would be applying for financial help for the electrical systems check for the Hall. Discussion followed and the general opinion was that the Parish Hall generates income and therefore on the basis of an Income-Expenditure budget this item should be part of the Hall’s maintenance expenditure programme.

Also noted was a complaint to the Council regarding the parking by a Councillor near to the entrance to the car park. It was pointed that the Council meet only on a monthly basis, whereas on many occasions during events vehicles have been seen to have parked in this space. The Council suggested this was not a issue just for the Council and therefore suggested putting in place a “no parking” notice or hatching out the area enabling all potential people parking to note that it is a “no go” area.

School Houses

It was reported that the oven at No 1 School Houses had broken down and the necessary repair had been organised by Devon Sales & Lettings at a cost of £91.

Crossway Park

Investigation had been carried out, as agreed at the February Council meeting, regarding the pathway required for disabled access and the contractor who had been selected had agreed that his estimate had not included this and he quoted a further £595.00 for the work required. This brings the total quote to £1,575 and after discussion it was resolved that this quotation be accepted as it remains best value for money.

Review of the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

These documents, having been circulated to all Councillors, were reviewed and after discussion it was resolved that the wording of the Standing Order for the Election of the Chairman (3) should read “At the Annual Parish Council Meeting the first business shall be to elect the Chairman”.

Cllr Bramhall proposed that when the cheques are presented for signature the Clerk should supply the relevant invoices which should also be initialled by those signing the cheques.



1 School Houses rent for March £675.00 - £64.80 (includes £10.80 VAT) = £610.20

2 School Houses rent outstanding from previous tenant for November/December £700.00 ‐ £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT ) = £623.20

Devon County Council Parish Paths Grant £170.00


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour.

Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (March) £108.00 (Cheque 323)

Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee £1,064.99 (Insurance for Hall) (Cheque 324)

Cllr D Munro £12.18 (P3 expenses) (Cheque 325)

Clerk’s quarterly salary/expenses £297.89 (Cheque 326)

Sowton Carpet Mills (new carpets at 2 School Houses) £398.00 (paid by Devon Sales & Lettings having been deducted from the previous tenant’s deposit)


Information from Rural Aid that applications are open from 17th March and close on 5th May. Discussion followed regarding the possibility of making an application on behalf of the work to be carried out at Crossway Park for the disabled access.


Several Councillors indicated land within the Parish where seemingly abandoned cars/dumping was taking place in fields to the detriment of the countryside. Cllr Hickman said he would approach Environmental Health.

Cllr Fairley reported that she had discussion with PC Croft concerning the “Trotters” using the Tedburn Road without lights and had received assurance that he would investigate.


Mr Lake gave an explanation about the decision by Teignbridge District Council in regard to the littler picking. He acknowledged that this change was a concern in terms of encouraging volunteering. He pointed out that due to recent Health and Safety changes the Teignbridge themselves were no longer asking their own employees to work on “high speed roads”. Cllr Hickman asked if in any further discussions which took place the issue of country lanes outside the 30mph zones could be treated differently to high speed larger roads, especially as many roads in rural Parishes will have to be considered high speed roads under the present definition. Mr Lake also mentioned the recent Boundary Review for electoral arrangements for Teignbridge District Council where it is proposed that a single-councillor Whitestone and Ide ward alongside a two-councillor Exminster and Kenn ward will be implemented and called the Kenn Valley ward. The Clerk informed Mr Lake that all Councillors had received the relevant information at the February Council meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.