Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th May 2017 to be verified on 8th June 2017

Attendance: Councillors Mrs M Belt, Mrs B Bramhall, Mrs L Fairley, L Hickman, D Munro (left at 7.45pm), R Phillips, A Reed.
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Ms T Baird, Mrs B Netherway, Mrs S Greenfield, Mr M Quinn.
Apologies District Councillor P Bromell


Mrs Netherway reported that Mrs Graham of Top Steps had reported items having been stolen from her property and warned parishioners of the need for keeping shed/outhouses secured. The matter has been reported to the Police.

Mrs Greenfield gave the following report on behalf of the Parish Plan Steering Committee:- “As indicated in our annual report in late April the A5 summary leaflet and Action Plan are complete. We continue to meet weekly to finalise the wording and layout of the full Parish Plan and are carrying out quality assurance prior to going to the printers”.

Mrs Greenfield also reported on the disappearance of signage on some fingerposts within the parish and agreed to investigate the numbers involved and report back to the Council.


Councillor Hickman, the retiring Chairman, declared the Annual General Meeting open and sought nominations for the post of Chairman:-

33.1 Election of Chairman

Councillor L Hickman was proposed by Cllr Munro and seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour.

Councillor Hickman was thereby elected and signed his declaration of office as Chairman and called for nominations for the following:-

33.2 Election of Vice Chairman

Councillor Reed was proposed by Cllr Belt and seconded by Cllr Bramhall. All in favour. Councillor Reed was thereby elected and signed his declaration of office of the role of Vice Chairman.

33.3 Footpath Warden

Councillor Munro was proposed by Cllr Bramhall and seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour.

33.4 Church House Foundation Member

Councillor Belt was proposed by Cllr Hickman and seconded by Cllr Reed. All in favour.

33.5 Crossway Park Officer

Councillor Bramhall was proposed by Cllr Munro and seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour.

33.6 Parish Hall Committee

Proposed and seconded that Councillors Belt, Fairley, Hickman and Phillips be elected en bloc. All in favour.

33.7 Parish Hall Liaison Member

Councillor Belt was proposed by Cllr Hickman and seconded by Cllr Reed. All in favour.

33.8 Asset Group

Proposed and seconded that Councillors Reed, Phillips, Belt and Fairley be elected en bloc. All in favour.

33.9 Responsible Financial Officer

Mrs P Vaughan proposed by Cllr Belt and seconded by Cllr Hickman. All in favour.

33.10 Internal Independent Auditor

Mr D Hinchcliffe proposed by Cllr Reed seconded by Cllr Belt. All in favour.

Councillor Munro left the meeting at 7.45pm.

The Council then proceeded to the business of the Parish Council Meeting

34. Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 13th April 2017 and the Annual Parish Meeting held on 27th April 2017 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman.


The Clerk reported apologies having been received from District Councillor Bromell and an email received from Mr Alan Connett (Liberal Democrat) introducing himself as the Councillor for Exminster and Haldon, which includes the parish of Whitestone, following the recent County Council elections.


Planning Applications

The following application/plans were examined and discussion took place with the following observations:-

36.1 17/00286/FUL Retention of use of land as an occasional car park and associated works including access works associated with auctions on land adjacent to Brookside Garage, Tedburn Road. Concerns were raised regarding the information in the planning application as the car park is situated opposite the Brookside Site across a known busy road. The number of people attending the auctions has been underestimated, placing greater risk to attendees crossing the road. The planned auctions do not appear to be occasional, some take place in the early evening when light is poor. The car park is already being used, with no indication of a change in use from agricultural activity. At this time the Council are concerned that road safety issues have not been taken into account and the application is not supported.

36.2 17/01105/NPA Application for prior approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling at Rebecca Springs, Nadderwater. Not supported - encroaching development not conducive to an agricultural area. Increased vehicle activity and limited visibility on exiting the site. The council suggests that a Planning visit should take place under Section B.

Grant of Request for Prior Approval

36.3 17/00430/NPA Application for prior approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling at building east of Ridgeway

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

36.4 17/00543/FUL Addition of fence, gate and pier to approved access at Trelake Farm, Tedburn Road.

36.5 17/00550/FUL Replacement dwelling and associated works at Folley Hill, Folley Lane

36.6 17/00513/FUL Replace roof over section of the rear north elevation with a new mono pitched roof and reclad external walls to section of the rear north elevation with timber cladding at Heath Barton, Heath Lane

Hedgerow Removal Notice

36.7 17/00711/HEDGE Remove 20m of hedgerow to comply with highway requirements for the creation of a new access track and reconstruct hedge to the rear of the visibility splay at Folley Hill, Folley Lane


37.1 Litter Pick

Following discussion at the April meeting further information has been received that Teignbridge District Council would be willing to assist with equipment and collection of collected litter on roads with speed limits of 30mph if the necessary suitable insurance is in place. This position has now been clarified but it was however emphasised that it would be necessary to identify a lead who will be acting on behalf of the Council to carry out a full and comprehensive risk assessment, maintain record/logs of those present, location of the activity and any incidents that occur. On the basis that this information will be forthcoming the Council voted to support the Litter Pick activity in 30mph areas. Whilst the Parish Council reiterated their support for the Litter Picks in light of the decision reached by Teignbridge District Council and the Health and Safety guidance the Council was unable to support this activity outside these areas deemed high speed roads on the basis of unacceptable risk to Parishioners undertaking this activity under the auspices of the Parish Council. The Chair sought a vote that a grant would be available to the litter pick group if difficulties occurred in gaining access to equipment and this was passed unanimously.

37.2 Teignbridge District Council Environmental Department

Information has been received that the areas reported are under investigation or have been passed to Devon County Council.

37.3 School Houses

Nothing major to report but some minor repair works to be organised by Carter Geering.

37.4 Crossway Park

Cllr Bramhall reported that she felt the trim trail log should be removed as the timber is rotten. It is noted that the junior swing supports have been damaged and this will be investigated with Mr Dicker who does the grass cutting. The other swing is showing wear. Cllrs Hickman and Reed will investigate these matters.

37.5 Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The meeting was opened by the Chair to allow Ms Baird to give a report about the current situation with this Scheme. It was emphasized that it was important for parishioners to join the Scheme. This is easily completed by going to the web site: www.ourwatch.org.uk or contact Ms Baird at the Royal Oak who will be happy to assist you.

37.6 Parish Council Insurance Renewal

Notification received from Came & Company regarding the renewal of the Council’s Policy at a cost of £1,114.53 which is in line with the 3 year agreement negotiated with Hiscox which ends in 2018.

37.7 Internal Audit

The Clerk reported that Mr David Hinchcliffe had now completed the internal audit for 2016/17 and reported that all financial systems and controls against the criteria set out in the Annual Return are being satisfactorily operated and he found nothing in the audit that needs the Council’s attention. He states that in his opinion the Council’s financial work is being well and efficiently managed. Cllr Belt proposed a vote of thanks to the Clerk for her input into the work necessary throughout the year for this satisfactory conclusion.


38.1 The work at Crossway Park will commence within the next two weeks. “No Smoking” signs have been obtained for the Park and will be erected after the work on the fencing has been completed.

38.2 Speed Watch training is almost complete for the five volunteers who will be joining members from Tedburn St Mary and Pathfinder. On completion of thr training the volunteer team will be visiting designated sites to undertake the necessary Speed Watch.

38.3 Cllr Hickman reported that following complaints regarding the highly visible yellow paint at Garrets Transport Yard it was noted that this had now been changed to green.

38.4 Cllr Hickman wished to make parishioners aware that there were three vacancies on the Parish Council and requested anyone interested in becoming a Parish Council should contact the Parish Clerk


Authorisation for continuation of Grants

It was proposed and seconded that the following grants are made. All in favour.

39.1 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee - £108 per month.

39.2 Parochial Church Council (for the Church Magazine inclusion of Council Minutes) £175 - Cheque 1338

39.3 Whitestone Gardening Club tending Community Garden adjoining Crossway Park £100 - Cheque 1339


39.4 1 School Houses rent for April/May £675.00 - £64.80 includes £10.80 VAT = £610.20

39.5 2 School Houses rent for May/June £800.00 - £76.80 includes £12.80 VAT = £723.20

39.6 Teignbridge District Council 1st half year precept £3,000.00

39.7 HM Revenue & Customs VAT Repayment £1,162.02


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillor Belt and Phillips

39.8 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (May) £108 - Cheque 1333

39.9 G Dicker (Grounds maintenance Jan-Feb) £251.70 - Cheque 1334

39.10 Came & Company - Insurance Renewal 1/6/17 to 31/5/18 £1,114.53 - Cheque 1335

39.11 David Hinchliffe (Internal Audit) £200.00 - Cheque 1336

39.12 Clerk’s expenses £39.12 - Cheque 1337


• Cllr Belt asked about the current position regarding the telephone boxes as it has been suggested that a defibrillator might be placed in one. The Chair referred to previous minutes as at this time there was no indication that the phone boxes would be dismantled following Teignbridge District Council’s representation to BT. The Chair felt that if this position changed in the future these iconic phone boxes should be preserved for a village function. He had been made aware of a number of examples where this had taken place. Cllr Belt reported there did not appear to be a line connection available. This will be investigated further.

• Cllr Belt proposed that a letter of thanks is sent to County Councillor Brooks for all his support and contribution to parish issues during his term of office as the Devon County Councillor for this parish.

• Cllr Belt reported that the finger sign to the Parish Hall was on the verge of falling. To be investigated.

• Cllr Fairley requested that Ms Baird give some feedback on the situation regarding the Parish Pals group and Information regarding plans for the group were discussed.

The meeting closed at 9pm.