Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 7.30pm.

Attendance: Chairman − Councillor L Hickman
Councillors Ms T Baird, Mrs M Belt, Mrs L Fairley, D Munro, Mrs B Netherway, R Phillips, A Rose
District Councillor P Bromell (left at 8.40pm)
County Councillor A Connett (left at 8.40pm)
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
Mr D Friend, Mrs M Dyer, Ms L Dyer

Apologies: Councillor A Reed, Mrs S Greenfield

52. Cllr Hickman opened the meeting and the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Thursday 14th June 2018 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chairman


53.1 District Councillor Bromell said that he was grateful to see from the June minutes that the situation which is occurring at Welwyn Farm, Six Mile Hill had been highlighted. Cllr Hickman replied that he had been in touch with Devon County regarding this and has received assurance that lorries will be directed on the A30 via Tedburn St Mary to Six mile Hill and not through Whitestone as had been feared with an altered time frame from 2 years to 30 months.

53.2 County Councillor Connett regretted that there have been delays in dealing with potholes but has received assurance that the works will be completed as soon as possible.



Cllr Hickman declared an interest in the application for Apple Orchard Barn, Styles Barton, as it is adjacent to his property.

Planning applications were examined and discussed and the subsequent observations were confirmed to be relayed to Teignbridge District Council.

54.1 18/01169/FUL Change of use and conversion of agricultural building to a live/work unit (Use Classes B1 and C3) at Springdale Farm, Bondhouse Lane. This application is not supported for the reason that the Council want assurance that the original conditions are being met and to ensure that the current caravan is ancillary to the use of the house and does not become a separate dwelling. The 10 year ruling for conversion of a farm building is also questioned.

54.2 18/01239/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO of change of use of agricultural buildings to two dwellings at Friars Ball Farm, Rowhorne Road. This application is not supported as there are concerns about the adequacy of the survey under paragraph Q. Concerns about the increase of traffic on the road and apprehension in regard to the reduction of the agricultural way of life in the countryside.

54.3 18/01298/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO of change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling at Apple Orchard Barn, Styles Barton. It was felt that this building is not redundant and is still being used for agricultural purposes and the information regarding ownership makes it unclear if the building remains part of Styles Barton Farm as there is no indication of Apple Orchard Barn at this location, the postal address being Styles Barton Barns that implies that the Styles Barton Farm and Styles Barton Barns were the same farming organisation and therefore exceeded paragraph Q guidance as the same agricultural holding.

54.4 18/01299/FUL General purpose agricultural building at Ridgeway, Heath Cross. No objections.

54.5 Grant of conditional planning permission

54.5 18/00836/FUL Garage including installation of wood boiler with ancilliary accommodation at first floor at Folley Hill, Folley Lane.

54.6 18/00971/FUL Two storey side extension at The Old Forge, Whitestone

54.7 18/00700/FUL Single storey side extension and new vehicular access at The Firs, Whitestone


55.1 Application for a grant from Short Mat Bowls Group. This application having been distributed was discussed and it was resolved that the application for £250 should be granted. All in favour.

55.2 School Houses - It was reported that works had been carried out at 1 School House to re-fit a handrail on the stairs and fill and make good holes on the front of the property with external filler. This had been organised through the Letting Agents.

55.3 Crossway Park - Cllr Rose reported on the football nets being repaired and recommended that quotes should be obtained for the cutting back of the laurel bush which has become overgrown. Derek Fisher had reported that the arm rests of the Pike bench at the rear of the Parish Hall has become detached from the frame of the bench and Cllr Hickman said he would investigate this. Cllr Belt reported that the Fete Day which had been organised last Saturday had raised the amount of £350 which was intended to be donated to the Parish Council towards the purchase of some play equipment.

55.4 Littering Signs - Further discussion took place in regard to the negative observations concerning the signs supplied by Teignbridge District Council which had been situated at the eastern and western edges of the Parish. it was agreed that these should be repositioned. Alternative signs had been suggested via e-mail, however due to the language used in this proposal the Council did not believe it was appropriate or would add to the effectiveness of the Teignbridge Campaign.

55.5 Parish Enhancements - Various matters were discussed and a quotation of £165 had been obtained for a bench to be placed at the bus stop area and it was resolved that this should be purchased and installed.

55.6 Adult exercise equipment was discussed. Following the suggestion that a wider view of parishioners should be sought the Parish Council was grateful to Peter Hanson for his offer to use his email mailing list to obtain the views of over 300 residents on his e-mail list to test the views of this group of parishioners. Cllr Fairley had already received support for the project regarding the installation of this apparatus. Cllr Hickman suggested that the view of parishioners could guide the development

55.7 It was noted that the Parish Plan Action Day will be held on Saturday and it was hopeful that there will be volunteers come forward with offers of help towards the implementation of the Plan. Refreshments for the day had been purchased and an account for £21.55 was presented for payment.


56.1 Cllr Hickman reported that he and Cllr Reed had removed the remaining brickwork after the demolition of the wall at the rear of the garages. Cllr Hickman had obtained a brass plaque to be placed on the plough at a cost of £33.99 and was investigating the situation of the defibrillator being moved from the Parish Hall to another location.

56.2 Cllr Hickman reported that he had received an offer from Peter Hanson in regard to the occasional use of a small wooded area in a field on Halsfordwood Lane as a sort of adventure playground. Mr Hanson approached the Council with concerns over possible liability in case of an accident and public liability insurance cover. Councillors were advised that the Council insurance policy would not cover property not owned by the Parish. After discussion it was resolved that unfortunately the Council did not wish to become involved with this scheme in view of any repercussions which might arise from this venture.


57.1 Bank Balance at Nat West at 30th June 2018

Current A/c


Business Reserve A/c 1


Business Reserve A/c 2




57.2 1 School Houses rent to 30th July £675.00 - £64.80 (includes £10.80 VAT) = £610.20

57.3 2 School Houses rent to £800.00 to 1st August − £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT) = £723.20


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillors Belt and Phillips.

57.4 Clerk’s quarterly salary/expenses £333.42

57.5 Chappell Maintenance £129.40

57.6 G Dicker (grasscutting − 5 months) £685.01

57.7 Devon Federation (Printing for Parish Plan) £15.30

57.8 L Hickman £33.99 (Plaque for the plough)

57.9 Parish Plan event £21.55

57.10 SG Property Maintenance − repairs at 1 School House £48.00 (paid by Carter & Geering)


58.1 The Clerk reported that information had been received from Teignbridge Environmental Health Officers that the situation regarding the reported sewage seepage in the Nadderwater area has now been investigated and the owners of the property affected have been requested to resolve the problem.

58.2 Notification of a guided history tour at Old Forde House, Newton Abbot on Sunday 29th July at 2pm with an entry fee of £4.


59.1 Cllr Phillips reported a large pothole on the Crediton Road at Heath Cross Farm.

59.2 Cllr Fairley said that following her report at the June meeting regarding speeding on the Tedburn Road she had followed this up and was pleased to report that the Police would be installing speed monitoring cameras on the area. She mentioned rubbish which is sited at Swan Lake and was advised to report this to the environmental health department in view of health hazards it presents.

59.3 Cllr Belt mentioned that she had recently been on visits to various parishes in regard to funding applications for Rural Aid and would like to congratulate Whitestone Parish Hall as being the best she had seen on her tour.


Ms Dyer said that she had understood at a previous meeting that County Councillor Connett had indicated that he had funds available if Whitestone wished to apply for any monies for projects. Cllr Hickman said that this was so but as our current balances were in a healthy position it was not felt necessary to apply for any assistance.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.