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Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th February 2020.

Attendance: Chairman – Councillor R Bramhall
Councillors V Bryant, L Fairley, R Hunt, D Jones, P Lee, S Llewelyn, T Miles.
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council
> Mr M Fairley, Mrs T Baird, Mrs S Greenfield, Mr G Fielding, Mrs P Moody, Mrs M Jones, Ms J Hargraves, Mr S Evans, Mr S Gibbons, Mrs M Durrant.

Apologies: Cllr N Thom (the Council expressed condolences on the death of his mother), Cllr M Belt absent through illness, District Councillor C Nuttall, District Councillor A Swain, County Councillor A Connett.


Mr Fairley reported that when the Springdale landfill was taking place, the dust that was generated was excessive and anticipated that this would also be the case for the landfill site proposed for Lower Hare Farm which would cause distress for the Parish and he agreed with a question from Cllr Hunt that this would affect the Whitestone playpark area.

8 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Thursday 9th January 2020 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by the Councillor Bramhall who was standing as Chairman in the absence of Councillor Thom.


As there were no Councillors in attendance there were no reports.


Planning Applications

The following planning applications were examined and discussed and the subsequent observations were confirmed to be relayed to Teignbridge District Council.

10.1 20/00074/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) & (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to two dwellings at Styles Barton Meadow. The Council questioned that this was single use and overdevelopment of the site in question.

10.2 20/00120/VAR Variation of conditions 2 & 3 to allow revised design and material finishes on planning permission (17/00378/MAJ) at Treelands, Five Mile Hill. No objections on this application.

Grant of Request for Prior Approval

10.3 19/02316/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling at Barn Meadow, Whitestone.

10.4 19/02329/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling at Springdale Farm, Longdown.

10.5 19/02279/FUL Demolition of existing garage and formation of garage/workshop and extended hardstanding at 2 Barton Cottages.

Refusal of Request for Prior Approval

10.6 19/02313/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of an agricultural building from agricultural use to a dwelling at Springdale Farm, Longdown.

Appeal Decision

10.7 19/0009/CERT Appeal against the refusal of 18/01984/CLDE certificate of lawfulness of use of land for siting of caravan for human habitation with associated wooden building and residential access at Yonder Ridge, Rowhorne Road was considered by the Planning Inspectorate on 30th January 2020 and Appeal is allowed with a certificate of lawful use.

DCC/4101/2018 Devon County Council Planning for Lower Hare Farm

The meeting was informed of further information having been received by Devon County Council regarding this application and requested any comments/further information within 30 days of 11thFebruary, 2020. The current Parish Council were unanimous in their decision to uphold the decision of the previous Council and additionally agreed to employ the services of a consultant to assess the new technical information provided by the applicant for the Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure that a fully informed, fair and non-predetermined response could be submitted. After discussion on the issue of obtaining professional advice from two sources it was proposed and seconded that such advice be obtained from RMA Envionmental co. uk. at a cost of £1,900 plus VAT. All voted in favour. It was also decided that an extraordinary meeting of the Council should be convened provisionally agreed for 7.30pm on Thursday 5th March (subject to confirmation) to take this matter further. Cllr Bramhall was tasked with contacting RMA Environmental to confirm acceptance of the quotation and couple this with a request for urgent attention in view of the restricted timeline. The Clerk was to write the formal acceptance letter. In view of the limited 30 day timescale and the amount of additional information that needed to be considered it was agreed that more time to formulate a response would be requested from DCC’s Planning Dept (subsequently Cllr Miles took this action).

Two members of Tedburn St Mary Parish Council were in attendance and they also voiced their concerns regarding this application.


School Houses

11.1 Notification has been received from Carter Geering that it is necessary that the Energy Performance Assessments for both 1 and 2 School Houses need to be competed in order to comply with new regulations that come into force in April regarding thermal insulation of rented property and this has now been arranged for Friday 14th February at a cost of £70 per house.

Crossway Park

11.2 The Teddy Bear litter bin recently purchased has been installed and Cllr Fairley has purchased some signage for both this and the Frog litter bin at a cost of £56.00.

11.3 An inspection of the Park has been completed by the Play Inspection Company and the Clerk distributed copies of their report. Several pieces of equipment are in need of attention. Discussion took place with Cllr Fairley and she will obtain some quotations for all the necessary repairs and also the roping off of equipment where the report deemed necessary.

11.4 Whitestone Village Produce Sales

Information had been received giving dates for proposed Produce Sales which will commence on Saturday 15th February.

11.5 Community Gardens

Mrs G Oakey has contacted the Council saying that the Gardening Club would like to tidy the area all around that garden, i.e. weed kill, put new terrain down and redo all the wood chip. This will not be done until the weather improves so probably around March time. She will try to get some prices before the next Council meeting.

11.6 Speeding through Whitestone

Cllr Bramhall reported on a recent meeting between himself, the Chairman and County Councillor Connett when this matter had been discussed in detail while observing the morning rush hour traffic. . Cllr Connett agreed that there were many examples of the speed limit being broken. He agreed to obtain from the Highways Dept a list of costed traffic calming options. Cllr Connett advised that prolonged persistence combined with sensibly limited aims were the way to success.

Cllr Connett reported by e-mail that he had submitted the following motion to Devon County Council:- “Parish and Town Councils across Devon should be supported in providing the popular ‘flashing or vehicle speed awareness’ signs in their communities and the current fog of bureaucracy impoved by Devon County Council is ended. We call for a simpler system to help and support our local communities table concerns about speeding vehicles by giving our local Highways Officers the authority to agree the number and location of the ‘vehicle activated speed awareness signs with Parish and Town Councils”. Cllr Connett went on to say that in his view the current system is overly bureaucratic and is frustrating rather than helping local communities. The motion is presented to his Council next week, on the 20th, and then goes to the Cabinet for consideration.

11.7 Dates and Parish Magazine Advertisement for the Parish Council Surgeries

The Clerk was instructed to send this information for inclusion in the Parish Magazine and it will also be posted on noticeboards throughout the Parish. It was also agreed that each monthly surgery be advertised in the Magazine.

11.8 Organisation for Parish Council to take forward Parish Action Plan

The Council are awaiting the Chairman’s paper on this subject and so discussion was deferred until the March meeting

11.9 Report on Parish on-line Mapping System

Cllr Miles reported that Cllr Jones and herself had had trial runs on this and found it most useful and recommended it for the use of the Parish, The cost was £75 per year and it was resolved that this should be purchased.


Cllr Thom not being in attendance had sent his thanks to the people who attended to assist with the potholes, namely James Bryant, Tracey Baird, Richie Hyan, Sue Llewelyn and Guy Fielding. He hopes to repeat this again in May.

Cllr Thom has completed a job description for the lengthsperson which had been circulated to Councillors and this will be discussed at the March meeting.



13.1 1 School Houses rent to 28th February 2020 £725.00 - £69,60 (includes £11.60 VAT) = £655.40

13.2 2 School Houses rent to 1st March 2020 £800.00 - £76.80 (includes £12.80 VAT) = £723.20


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillor Miles and Mrs Vaughan as Responsible Financial Officer.

13.3 Clerk’s expenses £23.71 (cheque no 501)

13.4 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (Council meetings) £22.50 (cheque no 502)

13.5 Glasdon Ltd (Teddy Bear litter bin) £279.12 + (includes £46.52 VAT (cheque no 503)

13.6 Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee (Hall Insurance) £1,164.19 (cheque No 504)

13.7 The Play Inspection Co £78.00 (includes £13 VAT) (cheque no 505)

13.8 Mrs L Fairley (payment for notices for playpark) £56.00 (cheque No 506)

Paid by Carter Geering

13.9 S G Property Maintenance (window repairs) £164.80


Caroline Honeywill had written to say that she felt a “big thank you” should be given to Nick Thom and his wife for clearing all the branches from the tree that was cut down at the bus stop area.


15.1 Cllr Miles reported on investigations she had made regarding placing a defibrillator in one of the now defunct telephone boxes. If provided by South Western Ambulance - 3 year subscription which includes latest defibrillator, Cardiac Science G5, unlimited pads and replaceable items, servicing and replacement if lost, stolen or damaged for one off cost of £1800 (We would not own the unit or cover it under our insurance). We would have to install into the location and provide power. (Approx £200). Any training or assistance would be provided free. Note this unit would not be locked and would be accessible to everyone or anyone without the need to ring for a code first which addresses one of the concerns raised. To purchase from a third party it would cost £1782 for the supply only of defib and cabinet and we would also need to install ourselves. That does not cover any annual servicing or replacement of parts or the unit itself. We would have to cover insurance. If it was lost, stolen or damaged it would be at our own risk and our loss. This cabinet would be proposed to be locked. In view of the forecast large overspend it was agreed that this initiative be reviewed at the March meeting.

15.2 Cllr Llewellyn reported that she and Cllr Fairley will attending a workshop on Climate Change on the 19th February and will be reporting at the next meeting. Cllr Lee mentioned that there will be a session on Climate Change at the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on 4th March.

15.3 The Planning Enforcement Officer had reported that a slurry pit at Oldridge had not had planning permission and the Officer had also investigated the earth moving activity going on just after Cuddeford Corner near Oldridge which was found to be works carried out at the request of the Enviornment Agency.

Cllr Bryant reported that the footpaths inspection and survey required for P3 funding has been completed.

A discussion on publication of the PC’s minutes resulted in the Clerk being asked to maximize the time Councillors had to review the draft minutes by obtaining the latest possible date for submission of each set of minutes from the editor of the Parish magazine.

15.4 It was felt by Councillors that condolences be offered to the Prouse family on the death of their daughter Vicky.

15.5 Cllr Bramhall wished to record thanks to STAWL for their work on the Lower Hare Farm planning application over the past year on behalf of the parishioners.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

The March Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 12th March 2020