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Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.43pm on Thursday 10th September 2020.

Attendance:- Chairman – Councillor N Thom

Councillors M Belt, V Bryant, L Fairley, P Lee, S Llewelyn, T Miles.

Ms T Baird.

Apologies:- Councillor D Jones owing to remaining clinically extremely vulnerable and in the absence of a proven infrastructure for hybrid meetings it is an unnecessary risk for his attendance at an indoor public meeting although he has been participating in Council business throughout the past six months.

  1. The Chair opened the meeting of the Parish Council and the Minutes of the Council Meetings held on Thursday 12th March and the Virtual Meeting held on Monday 1st June having been circulated were taken as read and signed by Councillor Thom.
  1. Cllr Thom thanked the Councillors for dealing with the planning applications during the past months during the lockdown and Cllr Llewelyn proposed that the arrangements currently in place should continue into the future with all Councillors being consulted. This was seconded with all in favour and therefore the proposal was formally approved.
  1. Appointment of Vice Chair to fill the vacancy due to resignation of Mr R Bramhall.

Cllr Fairley was proposed and seconded with all in favour.

  1. Co-option of two Councillors to fill vacancies through the resignation of Mr R Bramhall and Mr B Hunt.

Applications received from Ms T Baird, Mrs L Dyer, Mr A Evans, and Mrs C Galton having been circulated to Councillors were then voted upon with Mr A Evans and Mrs C Galton being nominated to fill the two vacancies.

  1. It had been noted that County Councillor Connett has been appointed as the Leader of Teignbridge District Council and congratulations were sent on behalf of the Parish Council.
  1. PLANNING - These applications can be viewed on line by going into the public access system at Teignbridge Planning/Devon County Council following the directions giving the application reference

Planning Applications

29.1 20/01265/HOU First floor rear extension and ground floor porch at Norway Farm.

This application was considered to be in accord with Local Plan policy WEB (Domestic Extensions, Ancilliary Domestic Curtilage Buildings and Boundary Treatments). It will result in improved accommodation. It is not an overdevelopment of the site and has no impact on the neighbouring properties. No trees or hedges are affected. There is no significant visual impact on the landscape and the landscape character is not changed. The results of the ecological survey and the proposed mitigation are satisfactory. The view is that this application should be supported although the Council would point out that construction vehicles will need to access Norway Farm from the Parish Hall end of Church Lane and not from the Whitestone Church end since the lane is too steep and too narrow with a very difficult right turn.

29.2 20/01443/FUL Two storey side extension at Royal Oak, Nadderwater

Ms Baird was in attendance at the meeting and the meeting was closed to allow her to answer some queries before the following report was authorised.

The application is in the main supported. The Royal Oak is an existing business and it’s proposed expansion is compliant with the NPPF and Teignbridge Local Plan policies. The proposed extension and alterations to the interior accommodation will meet the needs of the applicant and her family as well as providing better disabled access and improved toilet facilities for all customers. The impact on the landscape character and visibility would be minimal. Existing trees and hedges are far enough away from the development site not to cause concern.

The Council have identified three points that they wish to be considered regarding this application.

  1. The proposed development is situated in a Flood Zone 3 area and it is stated on the application form that surface water is to be disposed of into the existing water course which we are assuming is the Nadderbrook. We have some concerns regarding the plans to manage flood risk.
  2. No new car parking spaces are proposed and we question whether 12 existing allocated spaces which now includes one designated disabled space will be adequate if the business is to expand. The road outside the front of the Royal Oak is not suitable or safe to be used for overspill parking,. The narrow single track lane opposite is not suitable for cars to park along either.
  3. The Planning Statement is lacking in details regarding the impact of the proposed expansion of business to those living close by. The opening hours have not been specified and if these are to be increased the impact of noise and light pollution will need to be considered.

29.3 The following applications having been received from Teignbridge District Council with a request for comments were examined and responses were sent which can be viewed on Teignbridge District Council Planning site:-

19/00202/FUL (7th May 2020) Formation of a slurry pit at Upper Kingswell Farm

20/00843/CLDE (4th June 2020) Certificate of lawfulness for existing residential use at building on Rowhorne Road

20/00018/REF 13th July 2020) Appeal against refusal of planning permission for change of use of agricultural land to rear of self storage business at White Horse Self Storage, Tedburn Road

20/00726/FUL (July 2020) First Floor extension, attached garage and associated works at Ridgeway.

20/01016/HOU Two storey side extension at 2 Barton Cottages.

20/01143/FUL (10th August 2020) Erection of temporary mobile agricultural dwelling for 3 years on land adjacent to the Old Chapel.

20/00243FUL (10th August 2020) Change of use of agricultural land and conversion of existing buildings to commercial use including widening of existing access at Devon View.

Cllr Miles noted that there have been landscape objections for the application for Devon View and also objections for 2 Barton Cottages


29.4 Variation of Condition following Planning Permission 17/00438/MAJ

20/00120/VAR Variation of conditions 2 and 3 to allow revised design and material finishes on planning permission for Treelands, Five Mile Hill – Granted 20/03/20

29.5 Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

20/00194/FUL Change of use of previous care home to domestic dwelling at Cameroon – Granted 15/04/20

19/01872/FUL Office building and associated works at Cross Park Farm, Tedburn St Mary – Granted 27/04/20

19/02276/FU Demolition of barn and construction of two dwellings at Styles Barton Farm – Granted 12/05/20

20/00584/VAR Variation of condition 2 on planning permission 17/01432/FUL (replacement of conservatory with new extension and replacement of garage and shed with garage/workshop building) to allow increased storage in loft space at East Kent Farmhouse – Granted 19/05/20.

20/00521/FUL Change of use of land to form a campsite at Exeter View Stables, Rowhorne Road – Granted 10/06/20.

19/01743/MAJ Change of use of the land from agricultural to a dog walking field including two shelters and static caravan on land opposite Rebecca Springs, Nadderwater – Granted 10/06/20

20/00501/FUL Replacement dwelling at Nadderwater Haven, Nadderwater – Granted 12/06/20

20/00616/FUL Single storey front/side extension, side dormer window including raising of part of roof and extension of driveway to provide additional off-road parking space and retaining walls at 9 Merrymeet – Granted 20/06/20.

20/00886/FUL Agricultural building at Woodhay Farm – Granted 43/07/20

29.6 Refusal of Planning Application

20/00870/AGR Agricultural storage barn at Bickhams Farm – Refused 25/06/20

29.7 Prior Approval not required

20/00660/AGR Two machinery and fodder stores at Little Chilton Farm – Granted 21/05/20

29.8 Appeal Decisions by the Planning Inspectorate

Refusal of planning permission for change of use of part of paddock to domestic curtilage at 2 Barton Cottages – 43/5/20. .

Refusal of conversion of existing commercial building into two dwellings and partial demolition of two single story elements and associated works at Unit 1, Rebecca Springs – 03/6/20. .


30.1 2 School Houses – Thermal Insulation Assessment

Following the information received from the Letting Agents (Carter Geering) regarding the insulation not reaching the current regulations they had obtained two quotations for remedial work to be completed and the Parish Council had arranged for a third, all of which had been circulated to Councillors.

Quotation 1 - £3,205.15 + VAT and disposal at £120 + VAT.

Quotation 2 - £2,913.16 + VAT (£582.63) including disposal.

Quotation 3 - £2,970.00 + VAT (£594.00)

Following discussion it was resolved that Quotation 3 which was from Pyne Electrical Services should be accepted.

30.2 Crossway Park Report

Cllr Fairley reported that the playground was closed after the 21st March, on order of the Government, until the 4th July when graduated opening of outdoor venues was permitted. The week before opening Cllr Thom and Mr Blades (our Lengthsman) did a lot of repairs to the play equipment but the Bear Springer was taped off and a notice put on it to say “out of use”. Cllr Lee and I sanitised the equipment each time before opening and before closing and kept a distant presence there. We also kept a record for track and trace if necessary. To start with the playground was opened just between 12 and 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, then after two weeks it was opened every day as measures were lifted. 

People were generally very compliant with using hand sanitiser and keeping groups of children distanced. As lockdown was lifted we continued to sanitise equipment regularly with longer gaps between visits as the strong sunlight and rain on other occasions were helpful in keeping things clean. People have had to be reminded not to let children use the Adult Exercise Equipment and of adult responsibility so we have left some of the notices up at the entrance.

The only real problem during this time was a large wasp’s nest in the grass bank which Mr Blades dealt with promptly. We still check the playground on a regular basis and unfortunately litter has become more of a problem again as the use of the playground increased. Before lockdown the equipment was checked about once a week. We also talked to a few of the people using the playpark and everyone we spoke to was pleased we have managed to re-open with the safety measures in place. One father from Crossways had a suggestion that an opening/stile be created in the hedge at the end of the Close to make it safer for the families there to walk into the playpark without the need for walking along the lane without a pavement or along the main road, again without a pavement. We wondered it this was feasible and if so would it be a good idea to do a survey to ascertain the support for this access or not.

The Bear Springer is beyond repair so a replacement was investigated. I looked at four manufacturers and only the original supplier made one of the size of the original, the others only had smaller springers of which we already have two. The replacement springer would cost £3,174.81 + delivery charge of £437 (Proludic) The removal of the original and installation of the new one has been difficult to find out. I am still awaiting a reply from Somerset Landscapes for removal of the broken springer and installation of the new. They did reply but I could not open the quote and they have not been contactable since.


31.1 Cllr Thom informed the meeting of his imminent retirement from the Parish Council owing to personal commitments. The meeting proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Thom for his time and commitment to the post of Councillor and Chairman during his time on the Council and he returned the Chairman’s Badge of Office.

31.2 As he will no longer be in office he proposed that a Councillor should become the line manager for the Parish Lengthsman and Cllr Belt accepted the commitment.

 31.3 Discussion took place regarding future meetings and the necessity for Councillors unable to attend for health reasons being able to take part in the Council business. Cllr Miles proposed that a laptop should be purchased for the use of the Council as was authorised in the budget for 2020-21 and this was sanctioned by the meeting held in January 2020. She will investigate the procedure for buying a licence for Zoom in order that the Council could have hybrid meetings owing to the current situation regarding coronavirus.

31.4 Following a request for an estimate for a replacement noticeboard for the wall at the Parish Hall Mr Netherway has quoted a sum of £443.00 and it was resolved that this quotation was accepted.

  1. FINANCE Details since 31st March 2020

32.1 Closing Bank balance at Nat West at 31st March 2020 £43,162.13

32.2 Statement of income and expenditure to 17th August 2020

Income – from 1st April to 4th August £15,884.63 as follows

1 School Houses rent to 29th April 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

2 School Houses rent to 1st May 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.

1 School Houses rent to 30th May 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

2 School Houses rent to 1st June 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.

1 School Houses rent to 29th June 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

2 School Houses rent to 1st July 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.

1 School Houses rent to 30th July 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

2 School Houses rent to 1st August 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.

1 School Houses rent to 30th August 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

2 School Houses rent to 1st September 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.

Teignbridge District Council £2,550.00 1st Half year Precept

Devon County Council £750.00 P3 Footpath Grant

HM Revenue and Customs VAT returned £4,709.63

32.3 Expenditure of £7,158.45 has been paid to 17th August which includes management charges from Carter Geering as indicated above.

01/04/20 RMA Environmental Ltd £1,435.44 (includes £224.24 VAT) Professional Consultancy

Services (cheque 513)

01/04/20 Fry & Son £213.90 (includes £43.65 VAT) Pothole material (cheque 514)

03/04/20 Devon Association of Local Councils £170.78 (includes £43.78 VAT) (cheque 515)

29/02//20 Carter Geering EPC Report for 1 School House £84.00 (includes £14 VAT) paid through

Carter Geering.

29/02/20 Carter Geering EPC Report for 2 School House £84.00 (includes £14 VAT) paid through

Carter Geering

31/03/20 Carter Geering EPC re-visit at 2 School House £52.00 (includes £7 VAT) paid through

Carter Geering

05/05/20 Came & Company (Council Insurance) £1,243.79 (cheque 516)

13/05/20 Graham Dicker – grass cutting £826.73 (cheque 517)

02/06/20 Mr R Cox (Internal Audit) £200.00 (cheque 518)

02/06/20 Mr F Clark (replacement steps on footpath 22 and new sign on bridleway 27) £526.63

(includes £97.77 VAT) (cheque 519)

04/06/20 Mr L Blades £431.77 (cheque 520)

22/06/20 Mrs P Vaughan (Clerk’s expenses/quarterly salary £430.17 (cheque 521)

22/06/20 HM Customs and Excise (Clerk’s income tax £75.80 (cheque 522)

14/07/20 Mr L Blades £430.86 (cheque 523)

10/08/20 Mr L Blades £433.45 (cheque 524)

17/08/20 CPRE £43.00 (cheque 525)


32.4 01/09/20 1 School Houses rent to 43th September 2020 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

32.5 03/09/20 2 School Houses rent to 1st October 2020 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillors Belt and Miles.

32.6 Mrs P Vaughan - Clerk’s expenses/quarterly salary £433.43 (Cheque No 526)

32.7 HM Customs and Excise - Clerk’s income tax £75.80 (Cheque No 527)

32.8 Fry & Son £120.43 (includes £20.07 VAT) (Cheque No 543)

32.9 Mr L Blades £439.18 (Cheque No 543)


33.1 A letter from the Trustees of the Parish Hall has been received thanking the Parish Council for agreeing to contribute £1,000 towards the installation of a hearing system in the Billiard Room. Once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted the Parish Hall Committee will be arranging a demonstration prior to purchase and the Parish Council will be informed when the date is set.

33.2 An email was received indicating that the Hall Management Committee are intending to replace the existing exit/entrance ramp at the side of the Hall with one that complies with modern legal standards and they felt that the Parish Council need to be informed as they are the owners of the land.


34.1 Cllr Miles reported booking for a Webinar on Changes in Planning Law Course taking place on 17th September organised by Devon Association of Local Councils at a cost of £15. plus VAT.

34.2 Cllr Belt reported that there is a vegetation landslip in the hedge near Brooklands Cottage which is in need of attention and the Clerk was instructed to report this to Devon Highways.

34.3 The question of additional litter bins was discussed and quotes had been obtained from Glasdon and it was sanctioned that Cllr Miles should order two bins to be delivered to Cllr Belt and that Mr Blades will fix these in position.

34.4 Cllr Llewelyn reported that she had attended a Health Inequalities Workshop run by Devon Communities Together on the 19th August and would be forwarding a copy for inclusion in the Whitestone Parish Magazine.

34.5 Cllr Llewelyn also reported attending the Parish of Whitestone and Oldridge Church meeting on the 25th August.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 8th October 2020.