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Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Virtual Meeting of Whitestone Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th January 2021.

Attendance:- Chair – Councillor T Miles.
Councillors M Belt, V Bryant, L Dyer, A Evans, L Fairley, C Galton, P Lee, S Llewelyn
County Councillor A Connett
District Councillor A Swain
Mrs P Vaughan – Clerk to the Council
Ms T Baird, Mr G Fielding

Councillor Miles opened the meeting and apologised for a technical hitch with the Zoom Connection and a new meeting ID had to be used at the last minute in order to facilitate the meeting.

  1. 1. Minutes of the virtual Council Meetings held on Thursday 10th December and on Friday 11th December 2020 having been circulated were confirmed as correct for signing.

2.1 County Councillor Connett reported on attending a Highways meeting and informed there would be cuts in the budget for road maintenance and advised the Council to notify any pothole repairs which were needed.

2.2 District Councillor Swain reported that electoral reform had been debated by Teignbridge and this would be implemented. He confirmed that the Teignbridge budget had been set with a small overall change to the council tax.


3.1 20/02379/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling at Hackworthy Farm, Hackworthy Lane.

Response:- This is an application submitted for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling. The applicant wishes to construct a dwelling within the footprint of the foundations of an existing agricultural building which is not currently in use. The Parish Council have discussed this planning application and supporting documentation. It appears that all requirements specified for building in line with Class Q regulations have been met. The Council notes the need to dispose of the asbestos roof sheets responsibly, likely visual impact and possible impact on biodiversity. Nevertheless, assuming the structure is sound and suitable for conversion the Parish Council supports this application.

Notification of Granting of Conditional Planning Permission

3.2 20/01443/FUL Two storey side extension at Royal Oak, Nadderwater

3.3 20/01793/HOU Two storey side extension at Little Bowlish

3.4 20/01752/HOU Two storey side extension at 6 Church Lane

3.5 20/02114/FUL Demolish existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling at Ridgeway


4.1 Review of DCC Lower Hare Farm – Judicial Review

Tedburn St Mary Parish Council have had a meeting to discuss the issue and wish to confirm their opposition to the proposed importation of inert soils and topsoils at this site but unfortunately owing to budgetary concerns would be unable to contribute any financial aid to any judicial review which might be needed. Nonetheless, they are now co-claimants with Whitestone Parish Council in the letter before action served on Devon County Council before Christmas and are formulating a complaint regarding the role of County Councillor Brook in chairing the DCC meeting. It was agreed that Whitestone Parish Council should also consider making a complaint. Cllr Llewelyn felt that the video of the meeting of the Development Management Committee of Devon County Council which had been held on 2nd December should be viewed to take the issue further, and offered to lead on this.

4.2 Review progress with phone boxes and finances to proceed with refit

Discussion took place and it was agreed that as there was already a defibrillator in place outside the Parish Hall it was felt unnecessary to place a second one in either of the BT boxes which the Council had acquired. The boxes were due to be repainted by Mr Blades when the weather improves. A suggestion was put forward that donated children’s books might be placed in the box near the bus stop area which could be utilised as a “lending library” which idea it is understood is taking place in Kenn Parish.

4.3 School Houses

Discussion took place on the need to install new heating for 1 School Houses which had been quoted as £4,518.00 and it was proposed and seconded that this should be carried out to bring the property up to date.

4.4 Updated guidance on Vehicle Activated Speed signs

Information from Cllr Alan Connett had been distributed to Councillors and after discussion it was agreed that Cllrs Galton and Evans would investigate the financial aspects regarding these and report back to the Council. It was noted that Devon County Council Highways would have to approve siting of the signs and survey the road concerned. It was noted that Kenn Village already have these installed and it is recommended that these be seen in action.

4.5 Crossway Park

Cllr Fairley reported that new signs had been posted within the Park regarding Covid restrictions and Mr Kirkpatrick had kindly laminated the notices. The new springer has been ordered but there is no date as yet for the installation.

4.6 Parish Lengthsperson

It was reported that Mr Blades will be repairing potholes within the Parish and painting the BT boxes as well as dealing with litter throughout the parish

4.7 Appointment of Councillor to fill vacancy

Applications from Ms Tracey Baird and Mrs Margaret Smith to fill the vacancy through the resignation of Mr David Jones had been circulated to Councllors and voted upon and Cllr Miles announced that Mrs Smith has been successful and welcomed her to the Council.


Cllr Miles announced that Mr David Jones would be leaving the Parish tomorrow and sent him every good wish for his future


6.1 Budget for 2021-2022

Documentation regarding the finances of the Parish Council having been distributed it was resolved after discussion that the Precept for 2021/22 will be changed back to the level of 2019 at £6,100. A vote was taken and the proposal was unanimously agreed.

Cllr Evans then went through the figures for income and expenditure for 2021/22 in order to prepare the budget for 2021/22


6.2 1 School Houses rent to 30th January 2021 £750.00 - £72.00 (includes £12.00 VAT) = £678.00.

6.3 2 School Houses rent to 1st February 2021 £825.00 - £79.20 (includes £13.20 VAT) = £745.80.


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques to be signed by Councillors Belt and Miles

6.4 RMA Environmental £1,344.00 (includes £224.OO VAT) (Cheque 546)

6.5 Mr L Blades £292.10 (Cheque 547)


Notification from Teignbridge District Council that they had paid £200.00 to Whitestone Parish Hall which was for a donation awarded to District Councillor Swain for improvement to the ramp into the Parish Hall.


8.1 Cllr Belt requested a new map to be placed on the wall outside the Parish Hall and Cllr Bryant said that she already had a pristine copy which she would let Cllr Belt have in order that Mr Blades could frame it. Cllr Belt also requested that the Clerk again report the vegetation slippage in the hedge near Brooklands Cottage which had been reported to Neighbourhood Highways in September last.

The next Parish Council meeting will be a virtual meeting on Thursday 11th FEBRUARY 2021 at 7.30pm.

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The meeting closed at 10.18p.m