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Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Virtual Meeting of Whitestone Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th March 2021.

Attendance:- Chair – Councillor T Miles.
Councillors M Belt, V Bryant, L Dyer, A Evans, L Fairley, C Galton, P Lee, S Llewelyn, M Smith.

District Councillor A Swain
County Councillor A Connett
Mrs P Vaughan – Clerk to the Council
Mr G Fielding, Mr M Harris, Ms T Baird.

Cllr Miles opened the meeting


Ms Baird raised concerns regarding the landslide on road at Nadderwater becoming worse in two places, also reported sheep on the road towards the village and the Police have been contacted regarding the hazard for traffic. She felt that the Council could invest in signs to be placed around the village indicating the need for dog walkers to clear up after their dogs. 

Cllr Miles indicated that the Council were aware of the dog fouling within the Parish and this is on the agenda for discussion. Cllr Belt said that she had contacted Highways and the land owner regarding the landslip

  1. Minutes of the virtual Council Meeting held on Thursday 11th February 2021 having been circulated were confirmed as correct for signing.

Cllr Bryant reported that the signpost at Heath Cross missing two arms as reported at the February meeting had now been repaired.


17.1 Cllr Connett said that the landslip had been reported to Highways and had made enquiries on behalf of Whitestone. He confirmed that the easiest way to report potholes was direct online. He also responded to the question regarding the reported DCC Highways underspending considering the condition of our local roads and made the meeting aware that County Lengthsmen (Maintenance Teams) are no longer in place to maintain the highways as in the past.

17.2 Cllr Swain had nothing to report.


18.1 21/00422/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Class 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GD{P for change of use of two agricultural buildings into two residential dwellings at Hackworthy Farm, Hackworthy Lane.

Response sent to Teignbridge District Council Planning Department:-

This is an application submitted for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of two agricultural buildings to two dwellings. It is a modification of a previous planning application Planning Application, Consultation Ref 20/02379/NPA .The applicant wishes to construct two dwellings within the footprint of the foundations of two side-by-side existing agricultural buildings, which are not currently in use.

Whitestone Parish Council have discussed this second planning application and supporting documentation. It appears that although some aspects of the requirements specified for building in line with Class Q regulations have been met this new application raises serious additional concerns. The Council therefore wishes to express its lack of support for the proposal, in the following areas:

  1. It is noted that if permitted there would be 3 dwellings on this site in close proximity (which includes the existing farmhouse). TDC should consider the impact of this potential overdevelopment in a stated continuing agricultural farm setting.
  2. The application states that the two proposed very similar substantial dwellings will be built by conversion of 2 large barns which would previously have supported the agricultural use of the farm. This proposal, which would create two identical additional dwellings located within a very short distance of each other, would change class use to residential accommodation. Therefore the land would be lost to agricultural use with consequences and changes to the landscape, local farming economy and local community.
  3. Additional light pollution is a potential concern, with negative impact on biodiversity, and likely visual impact across the valley from two additional dwellings with large windows. Furthermore, we are concerned by the absence of an ecology report with this application.
  4. Additional dwellings mean more vehicles which increases traffic and disruption on the local single-track roads. This is particularly worrying given the current very poor state of repairs of these roads and the near vertical very steep rising, crumbling verges, especially on the roads just below the site entrance, but also in approach roads from both directions. The access to the highway is awkward, especially when travelling to or from Churchtown.
  5. The Parish Council, being familiar with the narrow single-track roads outside the farm and for several miles each way in the local vicinity, is very concerned about construction vehicles moving to and from the site. It has to be noted that the roads would not be able to accommodate repeated trips from large delivery vehicles carrying construction materials (several vehicles have recently had to be pulled out from the roadside by tractors).
  6. The Council notes the need to dispose of the asbestos roof sheets responsibly.

In conclusion Whitestone Parish Council strongly requests that a site visit is made to assess the poor state of the narrow local roads and the very restricted access into the site. The Design & Access statement states that there is access direct to the highway and also states that traffic would not be increased, yet even after the disruption of construction the number of vehicles resulting from 2 extra residential dwellings would be significantly greater than that produced by farm access to the barns. Taking the worst case scenario this could be as much as 4 vehicles per dwelling plus any agricultural vehicles: a possibility which must be taken into account, adding pressures to the fragile rural road network. 

18.2 21/0061/FUL Solar PV array to be sited on the barn roof and a polytunnel on land adjacent to Old Chapel, Whitestone

Response sent to Teignbridge District Council Planning Department:- Whitestone Parish Council have considered this application, comprising proposals to construct a polyethylene polytunnel and to place solar panels on a barn roof, on land located in an arable area between Nadderwater and Whitestone. This application follows a successful previous application 20/01130/FUL which allowed the applicant to establish a small farm. This application for a poly tunnel and a solar PV Array would allow the applicant to progress and maintain this project and fits well with the regenerative farming plan already approved. We noted that a poly tunnel was included in the original farm business plan. The installation and use of a solar PV array sited on the barn would also fit with a sustainable use of energy and reduction in carbon footprint, in line with both Teignbridge policy and the concerns of Whitestone Parish. There are no concerns regarding traffic, or access considerations, and there should be little impact on diversity or conservation. Whitestone Parish Council Is happy to support this application. Nevertheless, while there do not appear to be major concerns about visual impact, it is recommended that screening (trees) should be planted behind the poly tunnel to ensure that it is not visible from the public road or from adjacent or opposite buildings


Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

19.1 20/02803/FUL Provision of new access and parking area at Styles Barton Meadow

Grant of Request for Prior Approval

19.2 20/02379/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling at Hackworthy Farm, Hackworthy Lane.


20/00230/FUL Change of use of agricultural land and buildings to commercial use (Use Classes B1, B2 & B8) including widening of existing access at Devon View, Whitestone. Appeal dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate on 18th February 2021.

Cllr Miles minuted thanks to those many residents who sent in their good quality objections regarding this Planning Application which had successfully resulted in refusal.


21.1 Review of DCC Lower Hare Farm – Judicial Review and consider progress and agree finances to pay.

Invoice of £1,452.00 (includes £242.00 VAT) has been received for payment for services regarding this Review. Cllr Miles reported that there have been unconfirmed reports of dumping at the site but there is need to have confirmation of evidence and data being communicated. Cllr Llewellyn reported reviewing the DMC meeting by Devon County Council and felt that there was considerable concern regarding the accuracy of some information and felt that further enquiries should be made. It was confirmed that there appeared to be discrepancies in the data presented at the DMC meeting and it was agreed that Whitestone Parish Council would make further enquiries for clarification under Freedom of Information Requests.

21.2 Renewal of Parish Online from 25/2/21 to 25/2/22

Cllr Miles indicated that this was a useful tool for the Council to have and it was agreed that it should be renewed at a cost of £90.00 including VAT..

21.3 Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

Cllr Evans gave an updated report on costing for the speed signs and had sent out information to Councillors and discussion followed regarding whether they need to be in a permanent position or could be moved. Decisions for the situation of the signs will have to be given from Devon Highways and Cllr Evans requested that Councillors should highlight which areas would be best served and these can then be collated. Cllr Miles indicated that this would not apply to the C50 road at this time as this is not a 30mph zone albeit speeding is noted as a concern.

21.4 Action on Climate Change

A proposed resolution prepared by Cllrs Galton, Fairley and Llewelyn had been circulated to Councillors and was fully discussed. It was proposed that Whitestone Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency and this was unanimously agreed and therefore resolved. An action plan will be formulated.

21.5 Reports to Enforcement 

It was rumoured that a glamping business may be proposed at Chants Cottage but no planning application had been received and there appeared to be development activity at the property. The Enforcement Officer also reported on our concerns that there was some activity at Crosspark Farm regarding soil moving and it was suggested that this was due to drainage works.

21.6 Reports regarding conveyance of waste/dumping

There was a query regarding construction waste being dumped up Hill Lane to an unknown destination and residents were asked to be extra vigilant and report and unusual activity.

21.7 Dog fouling

This was being reported upon and discussion took place regarding the possible need for additional dog bins to be sited throughout the Parish with the advisement that they would have to be placed so that they were accessible for emptying. Cllr Swain advised that there would of course be a charge for Teignbridge District Council to empty these. There was a need to identify areas where these could be best placed and it was suggested that signs designed by children could be placed around the Parish to encourage their use with perhaps a competition with the local primary school at Tedburn St Mary being organised. It was felt that encouragement should be given to residents to report dog fouling..


22.1 Rebecca Springs development 20/01623 is still outstanding and Teignbridge Planning Officer has been approached regarding this as the building has already been erected without having the appropriate archaeological investigation.

22.2 The tragic incident of the fire in St David’s, Exeter, was mentioned and the necessity for smoke alarms was stressed. Thoughts and prayers are extended to the family concerned.

22.3 Also mention of the World War 2 bomb which was discovered in the Exwick area of Exeter was mentioned and which ultimate explosion was heard widely across Whitestone.

22,4 Tribute was paid to all teachers as children now go back to school and thanks go to them for doing such a great job.



23.1 1 School Houses rent/insurance to 30th March £750.00 - £102.00 (includes £17.00 VAT) = £648.00.

23.2 2 School Houses rent to 1st April £825.00 - £74.03 (includes £12.34 VAT) = £750.97.

The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques will be signed by Councillors Belt and Miles.


23.3 Mr L Blades £305.55

23.4 Mrs P Vaughan - Clerk’s expenses/quarterly salary £373.71

23.5 HM Revenue & Customs £75.80 (Clerk’s income tax on salary)

23.6 Richard Buxton £1,452.00 (includes £242.00 VAT)

23.7 Parish Online £90.00 (includes £15.00 VAT)

23.8 Devon Association of Local Councils £54.00 (includes £9.00 VAT)

23.9 B & Q (Paint for 2 School Houses – reimbursed to tenants through Carter Geering) £53.92


A letter from Mr and Mrs Mingo had been circulated to Councillors regarding water on Footpath 7 that runs behind the Parish Hall and Cllr Bryant reported that she has been in touch with the Parish Paths Liaison Officer and consequently received a Highway Report that says an assessment will be completed by the 2nd April. 


25.1 Cllr Fairley reported that the Boat Springer had been installed at Crossway Park yesterday and requests had been made for a name for the boat which could then be painted on. Following the annual playground inspection report which had been circulated to Councillors Mr Blades will be carrying out some remedial work laying mesh mats he found in the shed and putting slabs under the table and bench legs and thanks are expressed for his hard work. There are still some potential mud spots and so Mr Blades has suggested we acquire more mats . Quotes have been obtained (approximately £25 per mat) and it is suggested that six are purchased for present and future use. In regard to the annual safety report recently carried out the problems with the Springer have already been addressed with the installation of new equipment (the Boat Springer), the problem with the Tower climbing frame has been dealt with and problems with the swings are being addressed with quotes being sought for measures to rectify the problems. The naming of the boat competition will be decided shortly.

25.2 Cllr Belt said that the missing Nadderwater sign needed to be reported to Highways to be made at the sign shop.. Also reported that the BT boxes will be painted soon (weather permitting).

25.3 Cllr Miles thanked all the Councillors for their hard work and comprehensive reports.

The next Parish Council meeting will be a virtual meeting on Thursday 8th APRIL 2021 at 7.30pm.

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The meeting closed at 10.05pm

Signed   8th April 2021