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Whitestone Parish Council

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday, 14th July 2022.

Chair – Councillor T Miles.
Councillors  Cllrs T Baird, M Belt, V Bryant, L Fairley, C Galton, P Lee, S Llewelyn,
Mrs P Vaughan – Clerk to the Council
Apologies:  Councillor A Evans, Councillor B Moody, County Councillor A Connett

  1. Cllr Miles opened the meeting and the minutes of the Council meeting held on Thursday 9th June 2022 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chair.
  1. PLANNING - These applications can be viewed on line by going into the public acess system at Teignbridge Planning following the directions giving the application reference. The following applications having been received from Teignbridge District Council with a request for comments were examined and responses were sent which can be viewed on Teignbridge District Council Planning site:-

47.1  22/00985/HOU Creation of assisted living annexe at Valley View Heath Cross
Response:- This is an application for construction of an extension (annexe) to support assisted living. Whitestone Parish Council welcomes the construction of facilities in the local area which are suitable for those with disabilities. It will be important to ensure that the structures proposed are suitable for a range of disabilities, eg that wheelchair access is possible. The Parish Council is broadly in support of this application, which we also consider may add greater design coherence to the site. There are no concerns about overlooking, noise or access, and the splay is adequate. There would be minimal visual impact from the Highway, and no trees or hedges need to be removed. No information is however provided about any additional lighting which is likely to be required for safety reasons, but which may pose some risk to nocturnal wildlife because of additional
light spill. The application is also somewhat incomplete in that there does not appear to be an ecological assessment of the impact of the proposed new structure. This additional information should be required in order to fully assess this application, prior to permission being granted. Whitestone Parish Council would therefore like to support the application but to suggest some conditions, should Teignbridge District Council be minded to support it:
1. Use of the proposed building should be restricted to use by the owners and their family, and not used for rental purposes or for a holiday let
2. Any lighting installed should be designed to have minimal impact on nocturnal wildlife
3. Some ecological assessment of the impact of the new structure should be carried out and mitigation put in place, as appropriate.

47.2  22/01173/HOU Construction of a car port with solar panels at Atwells Farm, Rowhorne Road, Nadderwater.
Response: Whitestone Parish Council have discussed this application. The detail in this application is limited and we are unclear exactly which property on this site collectively known as Attwells Farm the proposed car port will in fact serve. We do welcome the inclusion of solar panels in this application and feel that this would also be an ideal opportunity to install an electric car charging point. Teignbridge District Council have recently been requesting such initiatives to be installed on new structures when granting planning permission. The proposed car port will be visible from the Rowhorne Road but shouldn't affect any other property outside Attwells Farm. We note that a tree will need to be pruned which is close to the proposed car port site and we would hope that in reality this will not actually have to be removed. Whitestone Parish Council support this application.

47.3  22/00916/FUL Change of use of the building to a dwelling and an extension at The Hen House Whitestone.
Response:- This application was discussed and reviewed against the original Class Q application. The Parish Council did not support that application although TDC did grant approval. This application is suggested to convert under the passive house criteria but it would need to be conditioned to guarantee those measures are introduced. The application airs on the basis of permitted development but we know permitted development is not allowed under a class Q approval. Additionally the size of the building is being argued as too small, however this was only ever a chicken shed that had been given approval to convert and the owners would be fully aware of the size restrictions.

47.4  22/01023/MAJ Variation of conditions 2 and 8 on planning permission19/01473/MAJ (improvement of the existing golf facilities and remodelling of the golf course along with change of use of the existing golf course land for the siting of 25 self contained units of holiday accommodation) to permit alteration to the parking layout and an additional lodge to create a reception and office at Fingle Glen Golf Club Tedburn St Mary.
This application was discussed and it was agreed that there was no reason to comment further.

47.5  22/01277/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class MA and paragraph W of the GDPO for change of use of artists studio to one dwelling at Unit 1, Rebecca Springs, Nadderwater Devon
Response:- This application appears to fit the criteria for Part 3 Class MA, albeit in a rural setting, rather than an urban one. As the Planning Statement states, planning permission is not deemed necessary for the proposed development on the basis that the proposal conforms with the provisions set out formally within the schedule; these are carefully listed in the statement.
Whitestone Parish Council has considered the application, and agrees to support it in principle if it meets the Class MA criteria fully, which would be determined by Teignbridge District Council. However, we would like to draw attention to certain factors concerning the proposal which are either not fully explained and/or explored, or contain some misleading information about the area. Concerns exist, in particular about the setting, access and parking.
1) The land, while not AOB is nonetheless AGLV, and this should be borne in mind when considering the conversion.
2) The partial conversion of this unit is situated upstairs only, as the B8 storage below and adjoining buildings does not qualify for conversion under Class MA. With this in mind, the majority of Unit 1 is classed as B8 and is proposed to continue to be used as storage, (of what has not been disclosed), it is questioned whether this would be a satisfactory mix.
By converting the upper floor only to residential, the layout is unacceptable as this leaves only one access door in and out at one end, down a flight of stairs which leaves the bedroom susceptible to fire risk. The double-glazed opening windows may not be wide enough to satisfy a fire escape. Under Class MA the windows cannot be changed nor can an external fire escape be erected.
The roof is corrugated steel, the rain hammer would be intolerable for residential sleeping. In addition, in the current summer climate, it would be exceptionally hot under a steel roof. In winter, even after insulation, it would most probably create cold spots, triggering condensation and mould growth.
3) The parking requirements would most probably be space for two vehicles.
However, it has to be assumed that other parties could be using and accessing the rest of Unit 1 storage and that also would require parking space and access, as the lower floor and the two other adjoining buildings would still be in use (or has to be assumed that they could be at any time). It is thought that there would not be sufficient amenity space for the whole of Unit 1 to function.
4) The shared access onto the main highway could become over busy and the site over crowded especially considering the amenity required for other residential properties on the site.
5) The application states that Rebecca Springs is near to the ‘village’ of Nadderwater. Nadderwater is not a village, it has no shop or school, and the Royal Oak is not currently operating as a public house.
6) The location does not lend itself to sustainable transport, as public transport is actually very limited, and local roads are problematically narrow, 60 mile/hour for much of the road between Rebecca Springs and the nearest bus stop nearly half a mile away, unlit, and without a pavement.
In addition, Whitestone Parish Council has concerns regarding over-development of this rural site, and if the application is deemed successful, would like to see the following conditions:
a) That this should be a permanent dwelling and not rented out.
b) Lighting restrictions are observed for the protection of others living on the site and to protect nocturnal wildlife activity. Unit 1 is very visible from the road.
c) Whitestone has declared a climate emergency and would like to see evidence of energy efficiency being incorporated into the plans.
d) A landscaping plan incorporating indigenous plants is put in place to soften the area and for privacy.

Grant of Conditional Planning Permission
47.6  21/02059/FUL Two dwellings to replace agricultural buildings at Hackworthy Farm,
Hackworthy Lane

Refusal of Request for Prior Approval
47.7  22/00694/NPA Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class MA and paragraph W of the GPDO for change of use of office building to a dwelling at Cross Park Farm, Heath Cross


48.1 DCC4293/2022 – Lower Hare Farm Landfill
Following receipt of additional plans and a clarification notice by DCC, we were advised that this application will be discussed by Devon County Council (DMC) at a meeting on 27th July 2022 at 2:15pm at County Hall, open to the public. It was agreed that a response will be compiled in objection to these plans.

48.2 Enforcement matters – any update on reported incidents

It was reported that the Appeal against refusal of use of land for glamping comprising of six cabins, two utility buildings and pitching area for tents with associated access and parking at Chants Cottage, Heath Cross, was dismissed by
the Planning Inspectorate on the 6th July. It is expected that the Enforcement Officer should now take action against the premature building of the toilet block.

48.3 Toilet facilities for Crossway Park.

Cllr Fairley reported that the necessary alterations to the taps which are used by the volunteers who look after the Community Garden and the flower pots have not yet been completed but this is being dealt with and she personally had purchased some wall tiles and fixative which Mr Blades will be installing to necessitate ease of keeping the area above the hand basin clean. It was also reported that the toilet
had been found in a particularly disgusting state earlier in the day and it was
subsequently cleaned to ensure that no-one would find it in that condition.

48.4 Crossway Play Area

Cllr Fairley reported that there still has not yet been a fixed date for the installation of the new baby swings but that she has purchased two additional grass mats for future use.

48.5 Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

Although not in attendance at the meeting owing to Covid infection Cllr Evans has reported that the repositioning of the VAS sign at Nadderwater has been delayed but it will be moved in the next few days and Mr Blades already has this in hand.

48.6 Climate Action – Awareness + Activities

Cllr Llewelyn reported that there is nothing to report at the present time.


49.1 Cllr Miles reported that the tenant of 1 School Houses has given in their notice to vacate the property on the 14th August and it was agreed that Carter Geering should be requested to organise a new tenancy. It was stressed that all applications should be considered via Carter Geering and the Parish Council would not be involved.

49.2 A copy of correspondence sent to Teignbridge Enforcement had been received from Mr Friend regarding caravans at Springdale Farm. No further action by the Parish Council was required.

49.3 A letter from the Manager at the Travellers Rest had been received complaining of the speeding on the Tedburn Road and Cllr Miles has responded requesting that the matter is redirected to our Neighbourhood Highways Officer.


50.1 1 School Houses rental to 14th July £775.00 - £93.00 (includes £15.50 VAT) = £682.00

50.2 2 School Houses rental to 1st July £825.00 - £109.20 (includes £18.20 VAT) = £715.80

50.3 2 School Houses rental to 1st August £825.00 - £109.20 (includes £18.20 VAT) = £715.80

50.4 The Clerk reported receipt of a cheque for the amount of £351.82 which had been returned from the Sports and Social Club following the grant of £750.00 which had been authorised to fund the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations which had taken place on 4th June.
The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillors Miles and Belt.

50.5 Mr L Blades £442.60 (Lengthsman works £252.60/Grass cutting £190.00) -cheque 646

50.6 Whitestone Parish Hall £173.74 (Hire of meeting room £18.00 Park facilities £155.74) - cheque 647

50.7 Cllr L Fairley for purchases at Mole Avon - £68.00 and Building Supplies £7.27 –
cheques 648 and 649.

Notice from Devon County Council regarding temporary prohibition of through traffic on Tuesday 11th October on the Rowhorne Road.


52.1 Cllr Bryant reported that the gate into the Community Garden needed some attention and Cllr Belt will request Mr Blades deal with this. She also requestedt hat everyone is aware of the illegal plant Himalayan Balsam which is invasive and destructive on land and also seen in streams and river banks, it needs to be destroyed to prevent it spreading further.

52.2 Cllr Baird raised the issue of surgeries which had been proposed in the past but Cllr Miles said that this was still on hold at the present time due to the uncertainty of Covid. Additionally she will follow up on the Speedwatch action group.

52.3 Cllr Belt raised the issues of the cleaning of the road gutters outside 1 and 2 School Houses and this will be reviewed.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place in the Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th September