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Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Whitestone Parish Council held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th May 2023 to be ratified on 8th June


Attendance:     Retiring Chair –  Mrs T Miles
Elected Councillors T Baird, M Belt, V Bryant, A Evans, L Fairley.
Mrs P Vaughan, Clerk to the Council.
District Councillor Kevin Lake
Mr Philip Mingo
Apologies for absence: Councillor C Galton


32.Mrs Tanya Miles, retiring Chair, declared the Annual General Meeting open and welcomed the new Council following the election on 4th May wishing them well in their term of office.

Councillors having signed their Declarations of Acceptance of Office prior to the meeting Mrs Miles then sought nominations for the post of Chairman and after this she left the meeting at 7.45pm.

32.1 Election of Chair

Councillor Tracey Baird was proposed by Cllr Belt and seconded by Cllr Fairley

>Councillor Linda Fairley was proposed by Cllr Bryant and seconded by Cllr Evans.
The nominations were put to a vote with Cllr Fairley being successful
Councillor Fairley was thereby elected and signed her declaration of office as Chair and called for nominations for the following:-

32.2 Election of Vice Chair

Councillor Bryant was proposed and seconded.  All in favour.  Councillor Bryant was thereby elected and signed her declaration of office of the role of Vice Chair.

The Chair then called for Public Participation of which there was none and the Council then proceeded to the business of the Parish Council Meeting

  1. Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 13th April 2023 and the Annual Parish Meeting held on 27th April 2023 having been circulated were taken as read and signed as a true copy by the Chair.
  1. The Standing Orders and Financial Regulations for the Council having been distributed to Councillors were approved and adopted. All in favour.
  1. Election of officers for 2023/24 took place as follows:-

35.1 Asset Group
Councillors Belt, Baird and Galton proposed and seconded.  All in favour

35.2 Footpath Warden
Councillor Bryant was proposed and seconded.  All in favour.

35.3 Church House Foundation Member
Councillor Galton was proposed and seconded.  All in favour

35.4 Park Officer
Councillor Fairley was proposed and seconded.  All in favour.

35.5 Parish Hall Liaison Member
Councillor Belt was proposed and seconded.  All in favour.

35.6 Parish Hall Committee
Proposed and seconded that Councillors Belt, Bryant, Baird and Evans be elected en bloc.  All in favour.

35.7 Responsible Financial Officer
Mrs P Vaughan proposed and seconded.  All in favour.

35.8 Internal Independent Auditor
Mr R Cox.  All in favour.


36.1     District Councillor Kevin Lake introduced himself following his election to the District Council for Exminster and said that he would be attending the Council meetings and would be happy to represent Whitestone.


37.1 Certificate of Lawful use or development

21/02726.CLDE Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use of chalet for leisure purposes at  Building at Ngr 288561 93946 Rowhorne Road.

37.2 Grant of Conditional Planning Permission

21/02612/FUL  Dwelling to replace existing agricultural building at Styles Barton Meadow

37.3 Refusal of request for Prior Approval

23/00445/NPA  Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GPDO change of use of an agricultural building in a dwelling on land at Ngr 288435 93822, The Store.


38.1 Completion of Internal Audit

The Clerk reported that Mr Robert Cox had now completed the internal audit for 2022/23 and he has confirmed that in his opinion, and within the audit scope, they represent a true and fair view of the financial position and as such he presents an unqualified audit report without exceptions. Additionally, he concludes that the financial control methods, systems and procedures are adequate and being followed and adhered to and therefore there are no advisory notes that he would add.

The Council added their thanks to the Clerk for her involvement in completing the audit.

38.2 Teignbridge District Council Community Infrastructure Levy

It was reported that a sum of £2,064.88 has now been received.  This follows information received from Teignbridge District Council that Whitestone Parish Council are allocated monies from the above fund which may only be spent on the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure. A report has to be sent to Teignbridge In December each year covering the way the money has been allocated.  If not spent within 5 years or if applied otherwise than in accordance with regulations the Council may be required to repay the monies.

38.6 Parish Council Insurance Renewal

The Parish Council have an agreement with the Local Council Insurance Team at Gallagher Local Council Insurance who obtain quotes for the best value insurance for the Council. At present it is on a 3 year Policy with Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd and payment of £2,045.16 will be paid for 12 months to 31.05.24.


Cllr Fairley wished thanks be minuted to the outgoing Chair, Mrs Tanya Miles, for her work for the Parish over the past four years.


40.1 Authorisation of decision taken at Council meeting on 12th January 2023 that the Clerk’s honorarium should be reviewed annually and therefore increased to £1,935.00 per annum as from 1st April 2023.  It was resolved that this increase should be implemented.

40.2 Authorisation for continuation of Grant to the Parochial Church Council (for inclusion of minutes in the Church Magazine).  Proposed and seconded that this should be implemented at a cost of £200 and this was resolved unanimously   

40.3 Authorisation of grant towards the hire of a Parish Hall room for the Parish Church to hold services owing to the closure of the Parish Church due to roof repairs.  Proposed and seconded that this should be implemented at a cost of £75.00 and this was resolved unanimously.


40.4 Teignbridge District Council - £3,500 1st half year Precept

40.5 Teignbridge District Council – Community Infrastructure Levy - £2,064.88

40.6 1 School Houses rent to 30th May 2019  £725.00 - £69.60 (includes £11.60 VAT) = £655.40


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillor Belt and RFO Pat Vaughan

40.7 Mr L Blades £366.85   (Lengthsman works £206.85 + Grass cutting £160.00)

40.8 Exeter Bookbinders  (binding of Council Minutes 2019-2022) £75.00

40.9 Whitestone Parish Hall  £130.87  (Hire of room for Council meeting £18, Parish Pals £16, Outside toilet facilities £96.87).

40.10 Gallagher (Council Insurance)  £2,045.16

40.11 Mrs T Miles  £43.85 (Badge of Office for Chairmen)

40.12 Mr R Cox  £160.00 (Internal Audit)

40.13 Top 2 Bottom £414.00 (repairs at 1 School House paid through Winkworth)


Notification had been received regarding a meeting of the Teignbridge Group Planning Forum to be held at Bishopsteignton on Thursday 25th May and Councillors Fairley and Bryant indicated that they would attend.


42.1 Cllr Bryant raised several issues regarding the planning which has been reported on early in the meeting and said she would be contacting Ros Davies regarding work needed to Bridleway 16.

42.2 Cllr Belt reported that recently there had been a complaint regarding local residents parking their car in the Parish Hall carpark and it was agreed that a note should be passed to the occupants of 1 and 2 School Houses explaining that any parking of their vehicles should take place at the far side of the Hall next to the play area.

42.3 Cllr Fairley reported on the recent survey completed at Crossway Park by The Play Inspection Company and stated that various points raised will be dealt with by Mr Blades although there was nothing of any danger. She also said that she would be getting in touch with the suppliers of the climbing frame for advice.

42.4 Cllr Bryant raised a point of rubbish thrown down near the Church which she had reported to Exeter City Council and upon having received a response would be taking the matter further.


42.5 Cllr Evans reported on the current state of the speed signs within the Parish and was requested to enquire prices for a further sign to be installed as the signs do seem to be having an affect on the speed by motorists.


Mr Mingo commented that driving a car on a bridlepath which had been reported by Cllr Bryant was illegal.

The next meeting of the Council will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th June 2023

The meeting closed at 9.05pm