Whitestone Road sign

Whitestone Parish Council

DRAFT Minutes of Council Meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th July 2023 to be ratified on 14th September 2023.


Chair – Councillor L Fairley

Councillors Cllrs T Baird, M Belt, V Bryant, A Evans, C Galton,

District Councillor J Parrott

Mr Bruce Moody.

Mrs P Vaughan – Clerk to the Council

Apologies:- District Councillor K Lake, Miss N Partridge


  1. Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Thursday 8th June 2023 were taken as read and signed by Cllr Fairley.
  1. Co-option of Parish Councillors to fill vacancies

An application from Mr Bruce Moody had been received and it was resolved by the June meeting that he should be elected and he duly signed his declaration of acceptance of office

Miss Naomi Partridge had also applied to become a Councillor but had sent apologies as she is unable to attend the meeting tonight but will be co-opted at the September meeting.


District Councillor Lake had sent apologies for tonight’s meeting but had sent a report which the Chair read to the meeting.

  1. PLANNING - Applications can be viewed on line by going into the public access system at Teignbridge Planning following the directions giving the application reference. The following applications having been received from Teignbridge District Council with a request for comments were examined and responses were sent which can be viewed on Teignbridge District Council Planning site.

Planning Applications

54.1 23/01069/FUL Alterations to access and site layout (retrospective) at Cross Park Farm, Heath Cross.

Whitestone Parish Council have discussed and considered this application 23/01069/FUL for alterations to access and site layout (retrospective). The owner of this business known as D and F Super Cranes Ltd that is based at this site has submitted numerous planning applications over the years many of which have been refused and this latest application is the fourth retrospective one since 2021 (one consequently withdrawn, two refused permission and now this one). Ultimately we believe the owner is still pursuing his aim to have residency on this site at Cross Park Farm. Regarding access from the highway this is yet another application that began in 2007 07/01897/FUL seeking approval for a new vehicular access with the closure of the existing access which was granted permission but came with very clear conditions from the Planning Officer which were never fulfilled by the owner. A retrospective application 22/01686/FUL for Alterations to access and site layout was withdrawn but was quickly followed by the application 22/02219/FUL that was also retrospective and seeking permission for Alterations to access and site layout which consequently was refused permission as it failed to comply with many of the policies outlined in the Teignbridge plan as well as being “out of keeping with AGLV”. Only one access has ever been granted planning permission and yet the owner continues to make changes on a regular basis without planning permission to both the access and the land adjacent to the highway where a previous detailed landscaping scheme had been approved. Application 23/01069/FUL does not explain why there is a need for alterations to the access or why the site layout should be changed nor any explanation why the applicant thought it acceptable that alterations should continue without consent. Documents accompanying this application only include a drawing showing the same site sections that were submitted in application 22/02219/FUL with the only slight difference being that this new application shows the green bank coming right out to the site red boundary line. No plans of the site layout have been included so Whitestone Parish Council can only assume that all the works that had already occurred to the changes in the site layout when the retrospective planning application 22/02219/FUL was submitted are still in place as are the two entrances onto the highway (whose brickwork, stonework, blockwork and design change regularly). Whitestone Parish Council still strongly feel that the work taken place is out of keeping with AGLV and that it does not comply with the policies S1 (Sustainable Development Criteria), S2 (Quality Development), EN2A (Landscape Protection and Enhancement) and EC3 (Rural Employment) as outlined in the Teignbridge Plan. These were stated in Whitestone Parish Council’s response to the application 22/02219/FUL. The comments by the Planning Officer stated in the report when application 22/02218/FUL was refused still remain relevant to this new application “ by virtue of its’ separate access and its’ physical separation from the existing business at Cross Park Farm – results in a standalone building with no physical link to the existing business”. The applicant justified the need to have the office building that has had planning permission sited in that particular position “so that visitors to the site can easily identify the location of the office and to provide visibility over the entrance by reception staff” and “the construction of the new office building creates the ability for staff to easily see who is coming and going from the site at various times of the day”. In application 22/00694/NPA the applicant justified the need to have someone on site all the time for security reasons yet this latest application appears to contradict this as having two gateways and a walled off area obscuring the view surely makes the site less secure and more of a problem. If the blockwork separation between the car park of the office building and the yard area of the crane business still exists ( which we suspect it does) it is not possible for staff within the office building to see clearly who is coming and going from the site. Interestingly the location plan submitted in this application 23/01069/FUL does not even show the newly built office and parking area. There is no reasoning as to why a second entrance is needed. Cross Park Farm is a business site that requires large vehicles to access the site through a suitable entrance. The roller shutter from application 22/02219/FUL has been removed and replaced last week with a huge gate that is more or less solid preventing staff in the office from having visibility to see who is arriving at the site (see attached photograph). On either side of this gate are two posts cladded in grey stone and curved beige cladded walls splaying out towards the highway. Meanwhile the entrance to the left of this from the highway has been opened out wider than before presumably for large vehicles to access and the banks adjacent to the highway that had been instructed to be landscaped in application 19/01872/FUL have been gradually getting smaller and are mainly a heap of red soil. The whole street scene still resembles a “ranch” and does not sit comfortably in an AGLV or Open Countryside.

Whitestone Parish Council object strongly to this latest retrospective planning application 23/01069/FUL as it is yet another move we believe towards separating off the crane business from the office building which increasingly resembles a dwelling. This application does not comply with Teignbridge's policies S1 (sustainable development), S2 (Quality Development), EN2A (Landscape Protection and Enhancement), EN8 (Biodiversity and Enhancement), EC3 (Rural Employment), EN5 ( Heritage assets) as it is next door to a listed cottage as well as having an adverse impact upon the character and visual amenity of the Open Countryside. Teignbridge District Council should refuse this latest application and we would like to see Enforcement action taken.

54.2 23/00360/HOU Single storey extensions at Cherry Trees - Supported

This application for a single storey rear extension follows on from a similar notification for prior approval 22/1242/HPA for an extension which was refused in July 2022. It also follows on from two previous applications for extensions, both of which were granted: 94/00164/FUL in January 1994 for a single storey rear extension to kitchen/dining room and replacement front porch. 16/02777/FUL in October 2016 for s single storey extension front, including replacement windows and cladding. 

The current application is for a single storey extension to the rear of the building with a flat roof with skylights and an external wall with large glazed doors. This application gives similar dimensions to the 2022 application but few details about the materials to be used. It is also not clear on this application what the height of the extension, including the skylights, will be. The walls will use similar material to the existing walls. The flat roof will include anthracite grey skylights glazed in clear glass. The rear wall will include anthracite grey aluminium bifold doors, extending almost the full width of the extension. As this is a rear extension it will have little impact on the appearance from the front of the house. However, the bifold doors and the two skylights have the potential for a big increase in light spill. Light from the skylights could affect Meadow Croft, the next door property on the southeast elevation. The back, with the large bifold doors, faces towards Waddlesdown area. The proposed extension, taken in conjunction with the two previous extensions would result in a bungalow which is considerably increased from its original size, thus removing another small bungalow from the stock of affordable housing in Whitestone. The property is situated in an AGLV, and impact from the proposed extension, e.g. light spill needs to be minimized to avoid adverse visual impact (Policy EN 2As). The application lacks an ecology report and so there is no information about how biodiversity is to be maintained and enhanced, especially in view of the increased slight spill from the extensive glazing. There is no mention of measures to be taken to minimize disturbance to bats and birds during the building works. Cherry Trees is situated in open countryside, in an area of dark skies. Therefore the application does not appear to be compliant with points (a) and (b) of Policy EN8 (Biodiversity and enhancement) No details are supplied about reducing risk of flooding in front of the property. Consideration needs to be taken into account of how any run off water from the new extension will be directed so as not to add to the already problematic surface water that gathers at the front of the property in particular at the roadside. This could be a potential hazard, particularly in winter when the roads are liable to ice over. There is no mention on the application form of design measures to ensure that this extension will aim to reduce energy by using insulating materials, for example. Whitestone has declared a climate emergency and looks for energy efficient measure in planning applications.

Grant of Consent

54.3 23/00396/TPO Fell two Leylandi cypress at Whitestone Lodge, road from Higher Hare to Barton Cottages.

Refusal of Planning Permission

54.4 22/01732/FUL Provision of agricultural building at Oak Tree Farm

54.5 22/02255/FUL Siting of new mobile home for use as permanent rural workers’ dwelling and ancillary reconfiguration of the site layout on land opposite Rebecca Springs NGR 288567 93490.

55.Enforcement updates

Cllr Bryant reported on items which had been brought to her attention by parishioners and which she had followed up.


56.1 Sign for outside toilet

This has now been completed

56.2 CCTV for carpark and play area

A quote had been obtained for this to be installed and it was agreed that Cllr Fairley and Cllr Baird should meet with representatives from the Parish Hall Committee to discuss this further.

56.3 STAWL updates

Cllr Fairley read from a report which had been received from Guy Fielding regarding Lower Hare Farm

56.4 Police Surgery

Cllr Evans reported on meeting he had with PC Dave Hawkins regarding road safety within the parish and it was suggested that there should be a meeting organised for the general public to attend with PC Hawkins in attendance. The possibility of the morning of 9th September from 10.30 to 12.00 was mentioned.

56.5 Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

Cllr Evans had been investigating sites for a further sign and will be reporting back.

56.6 Report on meeting of the Teignbridge Group Planning Forum held at Tedburn S Mary on 21st June

56.7 NAT West Bank Signatories

It was resolved that arrangements be made for Cllr Fairley to be added to signatories for cheque signing.


Cllr Fairley wished to give thanks to those parishioners who were caring for the flower beds within the Village which are at the moment in full bloom and Cllr Belt mentioned Maria Joll in particular who keeps the bed by the bus stop in such good order.


58.1 Bank balances at Nat West Bank as at 31st May 2023

Current Account


Business Reserve Account 1


Business Reserve Account 2




58.2 2 School Houses rental to 1st June £1,350.00 - £29.60 (includes £31.60 VAT) = £918.00

58.3 2 School Houses rental to 1st July £1050.00 - £130.80 (includes £16.80 VAT) = £919.20

58.4 1 School Houses rental to 2nd August £925.00 - £80.80 (includes £14.80 VAT) = £826.20


The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillor Belt and Mrs Vaughan as Responsible Financial Officer

58.5 Mr L Blades £508.05 (Lengthsman £278.05 + Grass cutting £230.00) Cheque 698

58.6 Campaign to Protect Rural England £36.00 Cheque 699

58.7 Whitestone Parish Hall £279.74 (Council meetings £54, Park facilities £193.74, Parish Pals £32.) Cheque 700

58.8 SG Property Maintenance Repair work at 2 School Houses £76.20 (paid through Letting Agents)


A letter has been received from the Whitestone Parish Hall Management Committee requesting a donation from the Parish Council to pay for the repair of the front door at the Hall. Quotes had been obtained by them and a quote of £760 from Henry Netherway had been accepted. Also mentioned in the request was further maintenance work at the Hall which will be necessary totalling £7,000. Discussion took place and it was unanimously decided that the sum of £760 should be granted for the door repair and a cheque (701) was therefore signed.


60.1Cllr Bryant reported on fly tipping which had been reported throughout the Parish and it was noted that parishioners should report this to Teignbridge District Council as this would obviate any charge being made to any parishioner who collects it and takes it to the tip themselves.

60.2 Cllr Bryant also reported that parishioners had complaints regarding the bus times and Cllr Baird said that she would contact Stagecoach regarding the current situation.

60.3 Cllr Moody reported that Parish Pals were doing well.

60.4 Cllr Belt said that she was also aware of complaints regarding the Stagecoach bus service and also had concerns regarding the school bus service which came through Whitestone.

The meeting close at 9.25pm

The next meeting of the Council will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th September 2023