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Whitestone Parish Council


Council Meeting held at Whitestone Parish Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th October 2023 to be ratified at the Parish Council meeting on 9th November 2023.

Attendance:- Chair – Councillor L Fairley
Councillors Cllrs T Baird, M Belt, V Bryant, C Galton
District Councillor K Lake District Councillor J Parrott
Mrs P Vaughan – Clerk to the Council
Apologies:- Cllrs A Evans, B Moody. County Councillor A Connett

70. Cllr Fairley opened the meeting and the minutes of the Council meeting held on Thursday 14th September 2023 having been circulated were taken as read and signed by the Chair.

71.1 District Counclllor Swain having sent apologies for the meeting had sent a written report which had been distributed to Councillors.

71.2 Both District Councillor Lake and Parrott gave reports to the meeting regarding the Parish.

72.1 23/0168/VAR Variation of condition 2 on planning permission 21/01608/HOU (Two storey and single storey side extension and replacement conservatory) relating to removal of the first floor accommodation and reduction in glazing to the sunroom at Woodside, Five Mile Hill. Whitestone Parish Council have discussed and considered this planning application. The applicant no longer wishes to create a first floor due to their age and also want to reduce the extent of glazing to the sunroom to limit heat gain and heat loss from this area of their home. As Whitestone Parish Council have declared a climate emergency, we welcome the proposal of reducing the glazing which in turn will help to reduce internal light spillage and pollution from the sunroom. Whitestone Parish Council support this new application but would like to see that all the recommendations made by the planning officer in application 21/01608/HOU when permission was granted, are still adhered to and implemented, including measures to reduce carbon footprint and the inclusion of biodiversity enhancement measures

72.2 23/01761/VAR Variation of condition 2 on planning permission 21/02059/FUL (Two dwellings to replace agricultural buildings) to add garages to the approved dwellings at Hackworthy Farm, Hackworthy Lane. SUPPORTED with some reservations. Whitestone Parish Council have discussed and considered planning application We understand the applicant’s reasoning for seeking planning permission for a double garage for each dwelling which will potentially increase the value and desirability of the properties, but feel that planning permission for the inclusion of double garages really should have been requested at the time the 21/02059/FUL application was submitted. Whitestone Parish Council note that the area proposed for the siting of the double garages is not within the original barn curtilages but do acknowledge that the application mentions that the additional floor area of the garages along with the proposed barn conversions areas does not exceed the area the barns originally occupied. Having raised this observation regarding the curtilage we ask the case officer to consider whether the siting of these proposed garages is indeed actually allowed or not. Hackworthy Farm is situated in an AGLV and in open countryside. We do like the fact that the design of the proposed garages with their metal cladding is in keeping with the rural agricultural setting {policy S1} matching the barn conversions planned in both design and materials to be used. The smaller proposed garage Type 1 has little glazing so potentially light spill from internal sources should be minimal, however given that the garage is to be situated away from the proposed dwelling, external light spillage/pollution in an area of dark skies could be considerable. The plans for garage Type 2 are bigger than garage Type 1 as it includes a hobby room with its rear elevation being almost entirely glazed from floor to ceiling. Potential for light spillage/pollution is considerable both from internal and external sources. Consideration needs to be taken into account that Hackworthy Farmhouse is situated close by and should be protected from light pollution as well as the surrounding area. As Teignbridge District Council and Whitestone Parish Council have declared a climate emergency we would like to see strict conditions put in place concerning internal and external lighting which would also protect the biodiversity of the area. There are no details submitted regarding energy efficiency or green initiatives other than acknowledging the condition requested in the planning application 21/02059/FUL to install an electric car power point which the applicant would like to install inside the proposed garages. We would also like to see the inclusion of bird and bat boxes within the construction of the proposed garages. There is no mention of utilities to the buildings which we presume would be electricity or whether a water supply will be required. Details also missing are those relating to whether shrubs/trees are to be removed to make way for the proposed garages to be built or whether any additional landscaping is needed. If Teignbridge District Council are minded to grant permission, we would like the following conditions applied: Restriction on the usage of the garages to be solely for keeping the occupants’ vehicles in and strict usage rules for the “hobby room”. Strict conditions in an area of dark skies regarding potential internal and external light pollution/spillage to protect the biodiversity of the area. To provide more details regarding energy efficiency and possible inclusion of green initiatives.

72.3 Grant of Conditional Planning Permission 23/00231/FUL
Temporary access track at Hackworthy Farm, Hackworthy Lane.

72.4 Refusal of request for Prior Approval 23/01355/NPA
Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class Q (a) and (b) paragraph W of the GDPO change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling at The Store, Three Corners.

72.5 Refusal of Planning Permission 23/01069/FUL
Alterations to access and site layout (retrospective) at Cross Park Farm, Heath Cross.

72.6. Enforcement updates A caravan at Willow Copse – already reported to Teignbridge District Council


73.1 Following the apology and withdrawal of application to become a Councillor from Miss N Partridge it was agreed by the meeting that further publicity be given to /Continued on p 15 finding new Councillors for the four vacancies.

73.2 CCTV for carpark and play area Further efforts will be made to arrange a meeting between the Hall Committee and the Parish Council to take this matter forward.

73.3 STAWL updates Cllr Fairley read from a report which she has received from Guy Fielding and stated that there is therefore an important implication for the Parish Council. Unless and until the planning consents are issued, if any work related to the proposed landfill is seen to be taking place on Yonder Hare Down it is being done without the required planning permission and should be reported to the Devon County Council’s Enforcement Officers.

73.4 Police Surgery This meeting had proved very successful with 15 to 20 persons in attendance and a lot of feedback. The Police reported that during September there were no offences recorded and no non-offence reports to the Police. It was agreed that it might be helpful to have another event arranged in the future.

73.5 Vehicle Activated Speed Signs Some discussion took place regarding the road safety for children travelling to catch the bus to school and the Clerk was instructed to approach County Councillor Connett to see if some improvements could be made regarding the bus service or road signage in that area.

73.6 DALC AGM on 27th September at Exeter Racecourse Cllr Fairley reported on attending this meeting which had proved quite informative.

74.1 Teignbridge District Council 2nd Half Year Precept payment £3,050.00
74.2 1 School Houses rental to 2nd November £925.00 - £111.00 (includes £18.50 VAT) = £814.00

Expenditure The following expenditure was proposed and seconded for payment. All in favour and the cheques were signed by Councillors Belt and Baird.
74.3 Mr L Blades (Lengthsman - £203.70 and Grass cutting - £240.00) Cheque 708 £443.70
74.4 Whitestone Parish Hall Cheque 709 £326.61
74.5 Devon Association of Local Councils Cheque 710 £254.00
74.6 Mr N Thoms (repairs to water pump at Nadderwater) Cheque 711 £200.00
74.7 Moore and Franks – Gutter repair at School Houses paid through Winkworth £90.00

A request has been received from Mrs Gill Oakey regarding repair work needed to the gate at the end of the footpath also the lock on the children’s play park is broken

76.1 Cllr Bryant reported on Bridleway 16 and Bridleway 20 which have been relaid to Devon County.

76.2 Cllr Belt reported the speed of tractors coming through the village and a car which has been left on the main road by the Parish Hall and is impeding the cutting of the hedge.
76.3 Cllr Baird requested that a Christmas Party/Gathering be arranged in the Parish Hall on either the 9th or 16th December from 6pm to 12pm which parishioners could attend. She would arrange for a band and the booking of the Hall but requests that the Parish Council could donate £700 towards the cost of the event. Following discussion this was agreed. Both District Councillors Lake and Parrott said that they would be willing to donate a contribution towards such an event

76.4 Following the work which had been completed at the water pump, Cllr Baird and Cllr Belt suggested that the bus stop area was in need of work/repair and a quotation had been obtained from Mr Thom in the amount of £420.00 to complete painting and refurbishment together with replacing existing notice board. This was discussed and it was agreed that this work should be carried out.

76.5 A parishioner has reported that some money which had been left outside her house to pay her paper bill had been stolen and although she had tried to report this she had been unsuccessful in reaching the Police.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm